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Goal for the New Year: Learn to Make Chapatis

You will laugh when you read this. 
I grew up with my grandmother and aunts making Fried Indian Bread, American Indian.  They always had their flour bowl ready for whipping up a batch when guests arrived.

Tonight I had bought some Tabouli and Hummus for supper.  When I arrived back at my daughter's, she said, 'We need some pita bread', she then called her husband, but he was not able to stop on his way home for pita bread.  I said look up how to make flat bread.  She did but was unable to find a recipe.  I then suggested she look up Indian fried bread, thinking of my grandmother's.  She excitedly exclaimed I found it! Chapatis!.  I looked over her shoulder and there, sure enough, was a recipe for Indian Chapatis.  The two breads are very similar in ingredients.  The preparation of Chapatis is definitely different.

 Chapatis and Indian Fried Bread are both made with flour and water, but you just make a patty of the Indian Bread and fry it.  The Chapatis you knead, form…

Reporting on Progress The First Year

I have known I would have to make this post for a month now. I have mulled over in my mind how I would write it. This will be long but it is needful to be so.It is the first anniversary of my husband’s death. He died Dec 23, 2008, after, in the terms of cancer battles, a short battle of colon cancer (less than 3 years). I have missed his friendship, but I was not left wanting. The memories are very uplifting, from the first time we met, to the last “I Love you”. We met when I was working nights in a cafeteria. He was still trying to find out why his first wife had divorced him. Our eyes met and I knew him as a special person for me. Although I must say, I was leery of dating a divorced man. I got over that in a hurry and I knew on our first date I would marry him. It took him 6 months more to figure it out. (smile, and a wink) We were married a year and one month after our first date.

I remember him holding me in his arms protectively when I thought I was going to miscarry …

Saying Good Bye Will Be Hard

I will be leaving on Tuesday to go back to Texas.  I have had a wonderful time and the joy of being with this special family has been like a breath of spring. 

I know I will shed a tear when the parting time comes because my sweetie T and I have shared some special times this visit.  She has a special spirit, and a sweet loving countenance. Is she perfect?  To answer that question, I would ask is a two year old perfect?  No.  She is a masterpiece in the making, and I love her so.

Her mom and dad and little sister are special too.  I will have to return at some point to get to know little miss Em when she gets a wee bit older.

Walking through life and having to leave those you love is heart wrenching, but the blessings are knowing that that walk was worth it. 

GrandmomE will be back.

It All Started With Bubbles

If you have ever worked in a toddler nursery, you know one way to capture the attention of a little one is to get the bubbles out and blow bubbles for them.  They are fascinated.

 (Clip art from Fotosearch)

On the second day, after I arrived at my daughter's home, my granddaughter wanted to go outside and blow bubbles.   We did.  She had so much fun chasing them around and trying to stomp on them.  There was one that was so pretty and I wanted to catch a picture of it just resting peacefully on the grass stem when, WHAM!...the little foot came down and with a peal of laughter she was off to catch another bubble.  We were both fascinated with the one that rose gently and gracefully into the sky and passed over the house until we couldn't see it anymore.  What a fun memory it is to have.
That day was also the day she discovered that my screen saver on my computer is bubbles.  It fascinated her.  She will come into my room with a sweet shy smile and say "Bubbles?".  If …

The Snow.

Late Winter Snowfall

Snow falls
on snow.

Lazily drifting
above to below.

I shuffle
through the white.

All is still...
no sounds tonight.

The trees covered
in frozen ash.

Quiet, serene
they watch, abashed.

I am obtrusive,
so I leave.

Saddened by thoughts
I cannot conceive.

Outside snow
falls on snow.

What else is out there?
I do not know.
Copyrighted by Texasblu
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The Fun of Creating Christmas Decorations For Your Children.

As my children were growing up and my first grandchildren, I would make ornaments that would be personally theirs for putting up on the tree.  My oldest helped when she was little then the others followed suit each year making salt dough ornaments.  We had a full set of Dorthy of Wizard of OZ, Disney Characters, and misc. bears, angels etc.  I was heart broken when we moved to the country and mice got into my storage and ate most of the ornaments.  (Hope they got heart burn.) 
My next attempt at personal ornaments were embroidered ornaments.  We had a panda bear, angels, my favorite were the Holly Babies ornaments, and mercy the rest escapes me.  My aunt, their great aunt, made crocheted bells, and stockings to put on the tree.  As they left home, I would give them their own ornaments to keep.  I bought some porcelain Holly Baby Angels to represent each of my children on my own tree as mine grew bare from giving away theirs.  I still have those. 

It had warmed my heart to see my Em cr…

A Christmas First For Me,

My son-in-law saw a flyer for an old fashioned Christmas parade in downtown Tehachapi.  Tehachapi is in a valley surrounded by mountains.  At this time of the year it is cold.  I was excited and joined in with a "Yes! Let's go".  The day came for the parade and I was ready to go into town at noon.  'No', I was told, it is not until the end of the day at 5pm.  That's good, I can do that.  Now something I have not told you was that all I brought with me was a knitted poncho for a coat.  I had a hoodie, so I decided that would be enough, after all it was 47 degrees and the sun was nice as we left.  My daughter was on the cell and was not paying attention.  We got into town, the streets were busy as people began choosing the site they wanted to sit at to watch the parade.  Everyone had parkas, blankets, hats, gloves, I began to ponder the situation.  The sun was setting, the wind was "breezy".  I began to get cold. It was evident that I did not have en…

Setting Up For Christmas

Conversations around picture taking time....
Introducing our new Christmas Wreath!
"Mommy, do I have to?"
"Ha ha ha I did it"

I love Christmas time, but I love my blog background because it feels like me.
So I will include Christmas in my blogs.
These are pictures of our Family Evening on Monday.  My ham granddaughter is showing off the wreath we made using rose hips and rosemary.  She is a joy.  Next she 'helped' her dad with the lights.  Afterward, we made stain glass windows with tissue paper and construction paper...she helped with the glue
     ; ) .
This is always a fun time for me seeing the excitement in the children's eyes.  There are things that will be changed and adjusted but that just adds to the fun.
The scriptures "Parenthood is a sacred obligation and privilege, with children welcomed as a 'heritage of the Lord" (Psalm 127:3) and 3 Jn. 1: 4 "I have no greater joy than to hear that my childr…

Life Slow Enough For Reflection

Life is pleasant right now. I spend the first three hours of the morning aiding others in their family history work. I love being a service missionary where I can help from home. After that, I am blessed with being able to love on my grandchildren. Emma is enjoying learning who she is. Pretty good for a one week old don't you think?

Today, I spent time studying how to dry rose hips and what to do with them after they are dried. I loved being outside, enjoying the sun on my face and listening to the calm sounds of twittering birds. Em says it is not a twitter when the baby birds are growing in the nest. (I laughed at that). Tonight we will use some of the rose hips for decorating a wreath we are putting together at family home evening.

I have been reading several wonder ladies blogs that are struggling with chronic illnesses or cancer of their own or their spouses. They feel free to open up to tell of despair, pain, or worry. I will think in the late of the night of challeng…

Oh Joy of Joy's

Emma is here. 7#4oz and just perfect. I have more pictures, but need to fix lunch.   I'm back.
Our first thumb sucking moment.
Mom and baby are doing well.  They are tired, the mom has a temp. elevation.  The mid wife thinks it is just exhaustion.  I am excited to be here and she is a doll.  Her sister is excited and indifferent.  What can we say, a new person in the house that out cries her.  LOL.  I am tired signing off.  Joyful day.

For Future Rememberances

Since I will not be at the dinner table with all my children and grandchildren this Thanksgiving, I took an idea from Janet at The Chart Chick to give to them for remembrance. She has a great newsletter she sends out. 

To answer the question as to ‘what are the most important lessons I’ve learned so far in my life’.  I learned that there are extremely important things to include in your life and relationships, laughter including learning to laugh at yourself, open conversation, service to family and community, and hugs.  That does not cover love because that requires an whole new a huge conversation.  Here is a synopsis:  As you know, I have, since my teen hood, loved my Savior and after I met your dad (grandadE), I loved him with all my heart.  I learned with the birth of each of you, there are no boundaries to love, for my heart has grown fuller with each new life that has joined our family by marriage or birth.

My greatest joy was the day I was sealed to all of you. My greatest s…

Time With The Grandaughter While Waiting

I guess I should say what I am waiting for.   The third daughter is expecting her next child any day now. 
We have had some contractions, just not that are meaning a change is in the wind.

The first night of my sojourn with my little California family, we had so much fun.  We went shopping and got the fabric to make the blondie a Christmas dress.  When we got back, she was "wired".  Her daddy pulled out the lap top and after he convinced her it was not a poke screen, entertained her with some country music.  You notice her perching spot.

After her parents began the getting ready for bed routine, she and I sat in the living room and played with her red heart puppy.. I called him 'Kisses'.  It was fun telling her the puppy was going to get some kisses, and she would find a place to hide and peek a boo to check if he was coming.
This picture is of her looking over the counter to see if 'Kisses' was in pursuit.  Sadly, the camera was there instead.

It has been fun…

As A Mother

As a mother, I have had several goals in mind for my children.  First was to bring them to Christ.  Second was to instill in them a love of Christ's word.  Third and not least, was to show them the desirability of following in Christ's footsteps.

Before I could do or teach these things, there were things I had to learn.  As I studied, I found "By the power of the Spirit, our eyes were opened and our understandings were enlightened, so as to see and understand the things of God---" D&C 76:12.  Further studies pointed to the fact that we have to seek the Gift of the Holy Ghost in order to have inspiration in what to say when attempting to teach others the gospel of Christ.

I was always intrigued with the statement in Gen. 5:9 which says Noah walked with God.  I have known people who lived in such a way that they walked with God.  In watching them and studying the scriptures, I found I must live so as to keep the Lord's commandments, and ordinances thus preparin…

There Is A New Heirloom in the Making.

The youngest son went by a local flea market searching for some tools.  The Texas Flag quilt hanging caught his eye.  Home he came with his treasure with ideas for how to preserve it and keep it for his own.

The young woman who makes them does each piece as a one of a kind.  Her name is Holly.  I have a link if you are interested in her work.  She is an excellent craftsman.  Her work is impeccable.
I am thankful to have children that love art and appreciate that which is done well.

Ethical Will

Never thought of my blog for the family as being an ethical will, but as I was reading Dr. Andrew Weil's description an Ethical Will, I decided that is what I am doing as I post from life experiences and desires to assist my family. 
This is Dr Weil's description of an Ethical Will.
"As we go through life, we acquire wisdom and life lessons that can benefit others. One way to pass along your stories and experiences is through an ethical will. Unlike an ordinary will or last testament, an ethical will has less to do with material possessions and more to do with nonmaterial gifts and spiritual well-being - a love letter of sorts for your family, friends and community.
Writing an ethical will benefit you as well. It can:
Help you to make sense of your life and the aging process.Provide a way to share your hopes, dreams and values with loved ones.Help you take stock of your life experience and distill from it the values and wisdom that you have gained.Regardless of your age, y…

My Most Memorable Halloween at the Age of Seven

I remember dressing up like a princess.  My friends and I took our bags and started out across the neighborhoods.  Things were much less complicated then.  We went blocks away from our homes, there were no adults with us, everything was friendly.  I remember running across a large lot with my friends to beat some other kids to the next house. I all of a sudden found my self sitting on the ground because there was a wire fence I didn't see in the dark.  We had a good time laughing at me for "being the first".  After that I was the first to look, before I lept.  There was one house that everyone thought was spooky because they made the house look haunted with "spider webs" etc.  I don't think I went to that one.  At the end of the evening, we came back to the house, tired, sacks full of candy, costumes worn and torn, and full of spooky stories to tell about being out in the dark [never mind that there were 100 other kids in the same area with you].  ( I am ro…

An Open Letter To My Grandchildren

This is an open letter to my grandchildren.

The other day my oldest granddaughter and I were visiting.  After a few minutes of conversation, she said my you woke up on the happy side of the bed.  I answered "No, I make my happy place."

As I have thought of this conversation, I have reflected on making a happy place in my life.  There is a reason I have a happy place always.  I along time ago (you know back in the dinosaur days) made a decision. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be like Jesus.
I learned to play the song in my piano class:
Lord let me live from day to day,
In such a self-forgetful way,
That even when I kneel to pray,
My prayer shall be for others.
Others, Lord, yes, others;
Let this my motto be.
Help me to live for others
That I may live like Thee.

—Dr. Jack Hyles

The lyrics of the song became a part of me.
I then fell away from my quest during my tweenies, I was fortunate that I found my way back to following in Christ's footsteps.  [Yo…

Sweet Reminders Of Being Loved

I was so surprised to open my mail box an find a card to me from my Coppertop granddaughter (the small redhead in the pink in the picture.)  I hurriedly got into the car and tore open the envelope.  Wonder of wonder's, she had made me a card and a small pieced heart square (a blanket for a weeeeee wee one); how my heart sang.  This little lady is so joyful and full of life that she carries you along with her.  It is all good.  She is a classic example of looking at the glass as half full.  If you can't tell I love this sweetie.  I now carry my card on  my dash board.  She is my little angel offering love and comfort to me when I feel tired and worn.  Inside she wrote the note "I hope your ankle is getting better"  Well it is, and with uplifting gifts of love like this it will get even better. I am blessed. (Don't think I leave the other girls out, not even...We spend time on the cell phone and emails.)   God is good to me

Slow Start Riotous Finish

I started my day out.  Feet propped up, computer in lap, watching Conference and working on Family History.  I love doing that.  No one around.  Then in comes the youngest son and announces that we are going to his sister's house.  I was slow to respond.  I could tell he was disappointed so I said..."Okay let's go".  We ended up taking my grandson with us (this is the son of another daughter).  His eyes sparkled in anticipation of playing with JT.
When we arrived, there was a wonderful smell in the air.  She had baked rolls and made spagetti and a wonderful cherry cobbler.  The son looked at his mom and said "see why I wanted to come."  I was laughing.  He was right, I have not been cooking for a month.  Life is chaotic at my house with all the extra family, I get home at 7pm, do my mission until 11pm...I stay tired.  I had not realized how it was affecting him though.  Guess, I will have to start doing some cooking again.
After we ate, we watched second hal…

Spiritual Thoughts To Uplift

As you know, I love doing Family History Research.  This spiritual thought is one I ascribe to because I feel that you can not find the true ancestors most of the time by simple deduction.  Almost every researcher will tell you there is a point at which the information comes to you in ways your would not be able to discern on your own.
I am trying my hand at using digital scrapbooking. 
I made this poster using a photograph of my own and a scripture from St James Version of the Bible.  The bow is my attempt at paint.  The program I used was

Agenda 21 "The UN Controling The US"

At the risk of being called a radical, I must blog my feelings.  There have been times I wanted to stand on the street corner and yell "Read the UN 'Agenda 21' !  Then you will know the President and his agenda.  It is not hidden.  There are those who have expressed their opinion on this subject.
That is not where I came to my conclusions about Agenda 21.

My sweetheart and I had studied about the US Constitution and the Communism in the early 1990's.  As time passed we heard 'screaming ' reviews about Agenda 21.  I had never been a fan of the UN, but even when I saw the "radical views of Agenda 21", I shrugged it off thinking we are not governed by the UN.

Over the last 16 years, I have watched as everyone began to be uneasy as to actions taken by our government in domestic and foreign affairs.  The differing of opinions as to why we appeared to be losing more of our freedoms. It was apparent that, definitely, somehow our freedom of choice was dwindl…