Slow Start Riotous Finish

I started my day out.  Feet propped up, computer in lap, watching Conference and working on Family History.  I love doing that.  No one around.  Then in comes the youngest son and announces that we are going to his sister's house.  I was slow to respond.  I could tell he was disappointed so I said..."Okay let's go".  We ended up taking my grandson with us (this is the son of another daughter).  His eyes sparkled in anticipation of playing with JT.
When we arrived, there was a wonderful smell in the air.  She had baked rolls and made spagetti and a wonderful cherry cobbler.  The son looked at his mom and said "see why I wanted to come."  I was laughing.  He was right, I have not been cooking for a month.  Life is chaotic at my house with all the extra family, I get home at 7pm, do my mission until 11pm...I stay tired.  I had not realized how it was affecting him though.  Guess, I will have to start doing some cooking again.
After we ate, we watched second half of the Conference.  The kids then went across to the park and we all sat down to "digest the day".  When the older grandson's came home from their dad's, the baby (he's2) wanted to dance.  It was funny.  He would make everyone get up, make a circle, then he would get in the middle and of attention....  Need I say more?  We all had a fun time "jiving" and  watching his antics.  When it was time to go home, it was with loving reluctance.  As a good friend of mine used to say, "Its all good".


Lori E said…
Time with family is the best thing one can do. It is good for the babies all the way up to the grandparents.
Lori E said…
My Writer's Challenge link is up. Why not add a story to the rest. Just tell us about something really nice someone has done for you.
nannykim said…
Family times are so wonderful!! Good food and good family--there is nothing much like it!!