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Have Mercy What a Day!

Sitting in the rocking chair looking out across the backyard, allows for some peacefulness.

If I had not been at work today, I might have done that. Richard was full of his lecture on "curses". He has come up with a book to publish. He decided to have a "recession sale". Fixing challenges in the software was challenging in itself.
Got a call from UTMB, they were just now getting around to working on paper work for Ned. I told them "why should I send you current tax forms when he is deceased and no longer in need of your services which you denied him anyway". That was not pleasant.
Sarah was upset today. That was difficult to deal with at work and keep on task. She called back later and said it was just a misunderstanding. I was glad of that.
The Family Search Support Services lost my recommend papers, so I am having to chase down the Stake President to get them resubmitted in 3 days. Has not happened yet, no phone calls or emails returned.
I thought…

Assurances That Family Ties Are Forever

n May 18, 1977, my Hero and I traveled in a Orange VW Bus that we had converted to a camper to Mesa Arizona to be sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple. It was here that he had his first experience of having his hair chewed...LOL...I tried trimming his hair with the wind blowing. The barber the next day laughingly said who chewed your hair off....It was a story he loved telling...mess. My oldest daughter was wearing a dress I made her. We did not make it back until 1997 that we returned. That time it was with the son I carried in my womb in 1977 and our other children born after 1977 as well as the oldest daughter and her two children at the time. What a glorious time that was. We camped, we visited an aunt and her husband who died of cancer also, and we soaked up the joy of returning to the beginning of our journey as an eternal family. The knowledge of knowing that we will be a family though out time has been as angels under my wings to hold me up in my time of loss. I miss hi…

Whatever Am I doing UP?

Every once in a while, I wake up in the dead of the night, and here I am.... I have enjoyed reading about and seeing videos of my granddaughters' performances at their homeschooling play. The only thing better would have been to have been there.
This week has been tiring. Work is tedious and stressful.
My youngest has been talkative... He just turned 20. I took him and my mom, who turned 81 on the same day, out to eat. He is so intense right now, but I can tell beginning to wish he had a social life. He is finding out that all work and no play makes life not so much fun.
I have turned in my papers to be considered a Service Missionary to help with the New Family Search help desk. I hope it works out. I love helping with Family History. The high light of relaxation of my week so far was working for 6 hours at the Family History Library.

This was the Hero's Birthday

My sunshine daughter and I celebrated his birthday the way he most liked to do if possible.
I worked at the temple and then she and I met at one of his best friends barbecue restaurant and had barbecue. The food was good and the memories were special. We remembered going to lunch with him one time when things were hectic at the office. He paid for us; we got back to the office and he goes..."wait a was my birthday, you should have bought my lunch." We had a laugh and treated him special the rest of the day....
It helped to have her with me at lunch.

I have made a post on the to commemorate his birthday.

Last night I went to visit with my sweet adopted daughter. She gave me the most Divine back rub that helped me relax and we shared memories and tears together. It is a healing time, but there are still some feelings of loss. She helped me relieve some of the pent up tension and emotions.

I love him so, and am so grateful that w…