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Finished My Promise

Sewing again. I had promised my second daughter 'Little Miss Sunshine' last fall to make her a dress for her birthday. The grandchildren stepped in and messed up my timing, then she found out she was pregnant and I would not be able to make the same dress. Or could I? After some alterations to the pattern, I came up with a beautiful dress for her. This was done even when the the button hole attachement wouldn't work, and I had to do the button holes and lace by hand.

 Good thing I started sewing before all the gadgets on sewing machines. Hope you enjoy. She is beautiful, a glowing mommy.

Sharing a Slice of Life #41 Going to the Zoo.

As our group grew, we did not go to the zoo as often.  Unfortunately, work took our weekends more often than not.
Your first trip to the zoo with your first child always holds a special memory for a parent.  You are now  a family and you are taking a trip to the zoo.  Oh yeah. 
The Oklahoma City Zoo was TexasBlu's very first zoo trip.  They had begun to have huge open runs for the African animals.  It was disconcerting to be pushing a stroller along and hear thundering hooves at your back.  You would turn and see the giraffes, antelopes, etc. running freely.  It was before the big safari ranches we have now, so the sight was breath taking. 
Texasblu wowed the Aviary attendant, because a Toucan decided she was his object of attention.  He followed her, sat next to her and just watched her.  It was interesting to see. He was not aggressive in manner.
Her favorite was the giraffe and riding on her dad's shoulders to be up near them.  Wonderful memory and so glad we have the pict…

Sharing a Slice of Life #42 First Aid

My Aunt Lynn's house was the scene of my first injury.  My great grandmother lived near Aunt Lynn.  The family was coffee drinkers and my great grandmother Gildon used snuff.  They would save their coffee cans for her as a spittoon.  They used more coffee than my great grandmother used the spittoons.  Thus the spare cans were kept in the barn until they were needed.  For those of you who never had coffee in their houses, the cans were opened on the top and were razor sharp.  Today they have it in plastic reusable containers.  Oh well.
My cousins and I were playing hide and seek in the barn,when I managed to trip over the cans and slit my throat.  Donald and Robert ran up to the house with me dripping blood everywhere.  I remember them setting me on the kitchen table trying to figure out how bad it was.  They finally got it cleaned enough to see it would take stitches to close the wound.  I was wrapped in a towel and taken to the emergency room. There is where, my memory stops.  I h…

Slice of Life #40: Candlelight Dinner

I warned you I am far behind.  Candlelight Dinner, writing this story has to have the Hero in it. Oh duh.
This involves my romantic daughters.  As they were growing up, going out to eat was not a real option, thus our anniversary celebrations were usually at home.

This particular special evening was planned by my two older girls.  They helped plan the food, set the table and get the candles out. We had grape juice in wine glasses and a full course meal. Don't ask me what we ate, maybe one of the girls will remember.  There was music in the background and soften lights.  The Hero and I were filled with love for our imps who were so determined that we have a beautiful, romantic evening.  My eyes still tear up at the thought.  What a joy it was to look across the candles at my sweetheart and feel his loving gaze.  The girls, of course, sat on the stair part of the time, I hope feeling pretty proud of themselves for accomplishing a special evening for us.  Romantic dancing. The warm fe…

Please Bear with Me.

I have been falling behind in telling my stories to my daughter for her Sharing a Slice of Life meme.  I am constantly telling everyone to write their stories, and here I am not accomplishing the goal.  Daily I will be playing catch up so forgive me for being so slow.