Time With The Grandaughter While Waiting

I guess I should say what I am waiting for.   The third daughter is expecting her next child any day now. 
We have had some contractions, just not that are meaning a change is in the wind.

The first night of my sojourn with my little California family, we had so much fun.  We went shopping and got the fabric to make the blondie a Christmas dress.  When we got back, she was "wired".  Her daddy pulled out the lap top and after he convinced her it was not a poke screen, entertained her with some country music.  You notice her perching spot.

After her parents began the getting ready for bed routine, she and I sat in the living room and played with her red heart puppy.. I called him 'Kisses'.  It was fun telling her the puppy was going to get some kisses, and she would find a place to hide and peek a boo to check if he was coming.
This picture is of her looking over the counter to see if 'Kisses' was in pursuit.  Sadly, the camera was there instead.

It has been fun loving on her. The concern over her not remembering me when I came out after a 11 months separation melted away.  We are buddies.

Tonight, we first had a fun time watching the bubbles on my computer screen (the screen saver).  Then we went over to Frugal Friends blog and went from there to Richard Scary's interactive Busy Town Online.
She loved it and we played and read until the eyes were drooping.

God is wonderful.  The blessings of my grandchildren are so great.  I am joyful this night.