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Life Slow Enough For Reflection

Life is pleasant right now. I spend the first three hours of the morning aiding others in their family history work. I love being a service missionary where I can help from home. After that, I am blessed with being able to love on my grandchildren. Emma is enjoying learning who she is. Pretty good for a one week old don't you think?

Today, I spent time studying how to dry rose hips and what to do with them after they are dried. I loved being outside, enjoying the sun on my face and listening to the calm sounds of twittering birds. Em says it is not a twitter when the baby birds are growing in the nest. (I laughed at that). Tonight we will use some of the rose hips for decorating a wreath we are putting together at family home evening.

I have been reading several wonder ladies blogs that are struggling with chronic illnesses or cancer of their own or their spouses. They feel free to open up to tell of despair, pain, or worry. I will think in the late of the night of challeng…

Oh Joy of Joy's

Emma is here. 7#4oz and just perfect. I have more pictures, but need to fix lunch.   I'm back.
Our first thumb sucking moment.
Mom and baby are doing well.  They are tired, the mom has a temp. elevation.  The mid wife thinks it is just exhaustion.  I am excited to be here and she is a doll.  Her sister is excited and indifferent.  What can we say, a new person in the house that out cries her.  LOL.  I am tired signing off.  Joyful day.

For Future Rememberances

Since I will not be at the dinner table with all my children and grandchildren this Thanksgiving, I took an idea from Janet at The Chart Chick to give to them for remembrance. She has a great newsletter she sends out. 

To answer the question as to ‘what are the most important lessons I’ve learned so far in my life’.  I learned that there are extremely important things to include in your life and relationships, laughter including learning to laugh at yourself, open conversation, service to family and community, and hugs.  That does not cover love because that requires an whole new a huge conversation.  Here is a synopsis:  As you know, I have, since my teen hood, loved my Savior and after I met your dad (grandadE), I loved him with all my heart.  I learned with the birth of each of you, there are no boundaries to love, for my heart has grown fuller with each new life that has joined our family by marriage or birth.

My greatest joy was the day I was sealed to all of you. My greatest s…

Time With The Grandaughter While Waiting

I guess I should say what I am waiting for.   The third daughter is expecting her next child any day now. 
We have had some contractions, just not that are meaning a change is in the wind.

The first night of my sojourn with my little California family, we had so much fun.  We went shopping and got the fabric to make the blondie a Christmas dress.  When we got back, she was "wired".  Her daddy pulled out the lap top and after he convinced her it was not a poke screen, entertained her with some country music.  You notice her perching spot.

After her parents began the getting ready for bed routine, she and I sat in the living room and played with her red heart puppy.. I called him 'Kisses'.  It was fun telling her the puppy was going to get some kisses, and she would find a place to hide and peek a boo to check if he was coming.
This picture is of her looking over the counter to see if 'Kisses' was in pursuit.  Sadly, the camera was there instead.

It has been fun…

As A Mother

As a mother, I have had several goals in mind for my children.  First was to bring them to Christ.  Second was to instill in them a love of Christ's word.  Third and not least, was to show them the desirability of following in Christ's footsteps.

Before I could do or teach these things, there were things I had to learn.  As I studied, I found "By the power of the Spirit, our eyes were opened and our understandings were enlightened, so as to see and understand the things of God---" D&C 76:12.  Further studies pointed to the fact that we have to seek the Gift of the Holy Ghost in order to have inspiration in what to say when attempting to teach others the gospel of Christ.

I was always intrigued with the statement in Gen. 5:9 which says Noah walked with God.  I have known people who lived in such a way that they walked with God.  In watching them and studying the scriptures, I found I must live so as to keep the Lord's commandments, and ordinances thus preparin…

There Is A New Heirloom in the Making.

The youngest son went by a local flea market searching for some tools.  The Texas Flag quilt hanging caught his eye.  Home he came with his treasure with ideas for how to preserve it and keep it for his own.

The young woman who makes them does each piece as a one of a kind.  Her name is Holly.  I have a link if you are interested in her work.  She is an excellent craftsman.  Her work is impeccable.
I am thankful to have children that love art and appreciate that which is done well.