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The Mom's Fashion Show...

I am late getting this posted.  Here it is for the family.
My mother-in-law who is 92 was excited to be chosen as one of the fashion models for her assisted living home. It is a joy to see her so wonderful active and involved in life. You will rarely catch her in her apartment. Usually she is playing cards, sometimes putting a huge puzzle together or off visiting. Really an amazing lady, but, I digress, off to the fashion show.
 The show began with sports wear.  Early afternoon attire. Isn't she beautiful!

The second set of clothing was evening casual wear... for the dinner date.

 The last portion of the show was the evening dress.  Once again, beautiful colors and it looks so good.

 All of the ladies posing in their finery for a final shot.  I hope I look this good at 80 and up!

You Never Know When You Will Be Needed.

I am sorry this is long, but was quite a story yesterday.  There is more after the picture. Thanks for stopping by) 
The day started out well. I had lunch with an old friend. I was dressed in my pale pink gingham outfit, very summery and cool.  As I left the restaurant  to go and meet my family a blast of hot wind hit my face.  Texas is so hot and dry right now. I felt a stab of pain for my friends who are in the throes of fighting a 5000 acre fire 15 miles west of my home.  Homes have been lost and animals.  One friend was involved in animal rescue.
I met my daughter, her 2 teenage sons, and 2 toddlers and my son and his wife.  They had just finished eating.  We stopped, picked up flowers, and went out to my husband's grave.  My "adopted daughter" and her 3 sons came over  as they live next to the grave yard.  It was a wonderful reunion of sorts.  I learned that her husband was off helping at the fire. Too soon it was time to leave.  We were going to visit my mother.

Big Huge Sorry

I am so far behind in keeping up with my person blog.  I will get back in the groove quickly.
Just not tonight. ; P  
Hot, Tired, no Air Conditioning, and the temp is 95 in my bedroom. Not conducive to thinking.
Later my family and friends.