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Post for My Granddaughters--My Roof Top Visits

When I was a teenager, my grandmothers lived with us off and on.  I was at the rebellious age and would feel the need to escape to talk with someone I felt would listen.  I was fortunate to not have any friends live near by, so my petitions, and complaints, and joyous feelings were shared with my friend Jesus Christ.
I would go to the old walnut tree next to our garage, and climb up on top of the roof.  No one ever thought to look for me there. Once I had found a comfortable spot (I am on asphalt shingle right, comfortable?) , I would lean back and contemplate the stars and how small the night sky made me feel. Sometimes I was upset, and would sit and cry and express my feelings to Jesus with great fervor. I talked with him about many things.  My pain if I had been disciplined, my sadness if I hurt or felt wronged, my desires for the future...husband, being actively engaged in helping others.  He was there for me. I never heard a voice or had a star open up in a cloudy sky like your…

Recipe Experiment That Worked.

I was tired.  There was still an abundance of left over turkey, so I decided to try an make impossible turkey pie in muffin tins so I could freeze some ahead if they tasted good.
[If my children come on and comment, it will be something like "Mom, you are taking the 'Impossible Pie' to a whole new level".  They all complained that Impossible Pie recipes were a regular menu item while I was working.]
When I got the link, I discovered someone else had a similar idea. Great minds.
My Impossible Turkey Pie in a Muffin Tin. First, I filled the muffin tin with chopped turkey, peas and carrots, and a sprinkling of Colby Jack/Monterrey Jack cheeses. Sprinkled with garlic powder, onion salt, and a pinch of sage for taste.

Next in a 1 cup measuring cup, I mixed 1/2 cup of Bisquick, 2 beaten eggs, 2 Tbs of Plain Stoneyfield Yogurt, then finished with enough milk to make a cup.

I slowly poured this mixture over the turkey mixture allowing it to sink in.
I had preheated the oven to…