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My Daughter Says She Has Joy....ME TOO!

The papers have been received. This weekend the Stake Presidency issues the call and July 6th, I enter the school of how to be a software supporter for

Way to cool. I am just so excited. The poor Elder who helps me get the online connections is, I think, a bit overwhelmed by my enthusiasm. Life is all good!

The only time it has been better in the last six months was when I was standing in the middle of this group. I love you all so much!

Look Out Mom's In Town!

Before/ After

When I arrived, the living room as you can see was lovely. Everything was in its place and a place for every thing. I wanted to work on a dress for my Marian. She liked the fabric and pattern, so after measuring, I began to baste the dress to see if we needed to adjust. We did. I assembled the entire skirt, but did not get the hem done. It was 11pm and they, the serenely quiet couple, were wavering ('doesn't she get tired?' in whispered tones). I sighed. Okay, I will just have to finish at home and when you come over, she can get it.
LOL I forget my life style is just not for everyone. Crystal knows when GrandmomE sews, it is almost an all nighter.

Words of a Prophet

Spencer W. Kimball
"Live righteously that your memory will give you roses in December. Live gloriously as though you would live forever---you will. May the Lord be with you and inspire and guide you . . . that your vision may be undimmed as you walk steadily toward the sunkist heights on which your ambitious eyes are fixed today, and that the peace which passeth understanding may come to you eternally" (The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p. 156).
Latter-day Light DAILY DEVOTION June 16, 2009
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Of course President Kimball has always been a favorite person of mine as well as deeply respected. I hope that I can live up to his eloquently put ideals. That is a goal of mine, I am just not as inspired to write it so beautifully.

Really Looking

On the surface, you see a messy front yard. If you are Emily, you see beloved twin trees. The source of many imaginary stories, and a comforting remembrance of rustling leaves. If you are Edward you might say 'I can't believe my car is that old and still going.' Christina might say 'That's little Red's slide! Is it that old?' Yes, to all, but to me, it is a vision from the past, there I am looking out my front window. Yes, the area before Sean, was messy. The trees are still there and the car and slide are still being useful. For, me it is home, a place of love. I see children playing baseball just in front. I hear laughter and Sean and Sarah swinging on the swing until the chain had to be replaced. I see thirty years of life lived in a peaceful nook. Not that we were peaceful just the nook. I sometimes wonder if we should have stayed in the country, then I remember and I know it couldn't have been anywhere else.

I Am Sleepy, Maybe Not

I am trying to relax and go to sleep. This time it is not my fault. I had lain down at 6:45pm, and had fallen into a sound asleep. Then at 8:45pm my phone rang, 'Awake'.! It was not until the second phone call from another daughter came at 10:30pm that I found out I had actually slept through her call at 7pm.
Well, now I am sitting here quite pretty, as you can see, wondering how to stop.


As I was sitting here trying to relax and help my mind unwind, preparing to go to sleep, I was contemplating where I was in life right now. I was thinking of course, of my loss and the scope of my future life sped across my mind. I have only taken the first step in the rest of my life. Some times I feel like it has been forever since I last held my hero, then I remember it was only 6 months ago. My sweet daughter was saying she still dreams her dad is alive and participating in her life. I don't dream dreams. I remember occasions, events, and actions. My path is to be, I think, a long one. I must keep focused so it doesn't seem so insurmountable. The memories are wonderful, but what is a head is even more desirable. I reach to the future and my final goal to feel the arms of my Savior around me and then to be with my hero forever.

Path Leading Up to a Garden Cottage in the Woods - Royalty Free Clipart Picture

Jump For Joy

Ask me if I am excited!...Just ask me...You know it!
I cry for happy...
I did not know
if it would happen for sure,
then today the Lord sent me a letter.
Actually, it was Elder and Sister Davis for him,
but the source is still the same.
I am so thankful!
I know that this will curtail some of my wanderings
but it is worth the sacrifice.
I just pray that I will be able to accomplish doing good.

What Fun to Learn New Things

My daughter blogged on the Memorial Day about her forefathers that served in the military. WWII in particular, but she has ancestors all the way back to the Revolutionary war that fought and some gave their lives for our freedoms we enjoy today.

I pondered this information she gave and began wandering around in the family history world. In my journey I found, some from a new blog friend 'gurl speak', and others that there is a whole new world out there in blog land of common interest people. Then I found a genealogy blog group. What a diverse group with common interest. I, as a result, have started a genealogy blog of my own. Now I am "trying to learn new things in the way of posting and presenting things.
Here is my new blog address.

Hope you drop by. ; )