For Future Rememberances

Since I will not be at the dinner table with all my children and grandchildren this Thanksgiving, I took an idea from Janet at The Chart Chick to give to them for remembrance. She has a great newsletter she sends out. 

To answer the question as to ‘what are the most important lessons I’ve learned so far in my life’.  I learned that there are extremely important things to include in your life and relationships, laughter including learning to laugh at yourself, open conversation, service to family and community, and hugs.  That does not cover love because that requires an whole new a huge conversation.  Here is a synopsis:  As you know, I have, since my teen hood, loved my Savior and after I met your dad (grandadE), I loved him with all my heart.  I learned with the birth of each of you, there are no boundaries to love, for my heart has grown fuller with each new life that has joined our family by marriage or birth.

My greatest joy was the day I was sealed to all of you. My greatest sadness was that your GrandadE would not see you grow.

 To put some fun into the conversation, the answer to 'what was my most embarrassing moment' is coupled with learning to laugh at the situation.
I was at a reception with your dad (grandadE).  As I stood waiting, I suddenly felt something hit my ankles.  I looked down and much to my dismay there laid my slip around my feet.  I looked around and didn’t see anyone looking so I gently squatted down, and stepped out of my slip, scooped it up in the crook of my arm and rushed back to deposit it in my purse.  When I got to the table my sweet husband, said, ”What do you have there?”  I said shhhh, which made him all the more curious.  He then was determined to see what I was doing.  I was going (with the hand motions) shhhh, I will tell you later.  About that time, our friends came back to the table to see what was going on.  Long story short, I had to tell them what had happened and we all had a good laugh.  Of course, the funniest part of the story was the insistence of the usually thoughtful husband on finding out what I had in my arm.

How would I describe my sense of humor? I would exclaim enjoying life to its fullest while seeing the humor in all facets of life.  I would dance down the grocery aisles with you all saying “Mom, you’re embarrassing me!”  I was having fun.  I love to tease.  I try to make it a funny tease not to cause pain or humiliation. Texasblu you would fuss at me going to school saying "Sometimes I just don't feel like smiling".  A quick turn of words, a playful sleight of hand, and sharing a joke, if I can remember it, is what I love to do.  The grandchildren get regular emails when I find a funny joke.
There are more questions suggested, but they will have to wait for another time.

Just remember, I love you with all my heart.


Texasblu said…
Yes, I remember those PAINFUL mornings.

Fun answers to those questions. You should write life lessons, Mom.
Thank you SO much for coming to my blog because it brought me to yours. Better than receiving a comment, which I love, but to find such a sweet blog!

Your post was so heartfelt and although it was meant only for your family, it gives me a great indication of what a loving. friendly, humorous person you are! "Love has no boundaries", how true that is, and what I feel so deeply in my heart for my family. Bless you for putting in to words something I never have in this way.

I laughed with you over the slip incident as the same thing happened to me...only get this~ I was a maid of honor at my sisters wedding. As we were standing at the alter with a packed church behind us, not only did my slip fall down, but the over sized strapless bra I had on!!. There was no getting out of these things so as we proceeded down the aisle after the mass and ceremony, I took little duck waddling steps to hide the fact until I could get to the restroom!!!! :-)

Have yourself a wonderful weekend and I will come to visit again, sweet lady!!

BPOTW said…
Memories do become fonder as we age...especially those that are dear to us!