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Taking Time to Renew

Things have been rather hectic in my life with a co-worker being injured in a car accident and thus not apart of my work day. My days at work have been longer and not greatly pleasant.
I had to go to a 1 hour away town to pick up some frozen fruit I had ordered. Don't think I will do that again, cost more in gas, but the drive today was worth it this time.
The picture at the left is a typical picture of Texas at this time of the year. Grass has gotten out of hand because it was too hot to get outside and mow. There is a haze because there have been small rains putting out just enough moisture to cause the air.

This morning was nice, not too humid, sunny, temp about 78 degrees, and quiet. I rolled back the sun roof of my old car, let down the windows, put my hair up in a pony tail, turned on my music and turned left down the back roads to make my trip through areas that were much like my picture. There were very few cars. It was so great. I jus…

High Tech Grandma

When I get all my head phones for the computer and one for the phone, I feel like those characters in Star Trek movies..."the Borg". I am having fun learning to navigate through different methods of communication devices online. I hope to become proficient in assisting people to get clear and helpful answers to their software challenges.
Sometimes I feel like my computer has little devils in it blocking buttons and helps I need to complete tasks, then then next time everything goes beautifully without a hitch so I KNOW it had to be my challenge...not the computers. Oh well, I will become proficient in doing the navigation that is needful, maybe not the geek squad, rather the "Borg Squad"...
Maybe I am just up again way past my bedtime. It's fun being old, you can do what you want to.