Ethical Will

Never thought of my blog for the family as being an ethical will, but as I was reading Dr. Andrew Weil's description an Ethical Will, I decided that is what I am doing as I post from life experiences and desires to assist my family. 
This is Dr Weil's description of an Ethical Will.
"As we go through life, we acquire wisdom and life lessons that can benefit others. One way to pass along your stories and experiences is through an ethical will. Unlike an ordinary will or last testament, an ethical will has less to do with material possessions and more to do with nonmaterial gifts and spiritual well-being - a love letter of sorts for your family, friends and community.
Writing an ethical will benefit you as well. It can:
  • Help you to make sense of your life and the aging process.
  • Provide a way to share your hopes, dreams and values with loved ones.
  • Help you take stock of your life experience and distill from it the values and wisdom that you have gained.
Regardless of your age, you should consider the elements of an ethical will. You can choose to share your insights while you are alive, or leave your thoughts for loved ones to share after you are gone."-Andrew Weil

How wonderful to know that what I am doing has a title now.
Have a Good Day!


Michelle said…
WOW...never thought of writing an ethical Will but what a fabulous idea. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!