Life Slow Enough For Reflection

Life is pleasant right now. I spend the first three hours of the morning aiding others in their family history work. I love being a service missionary where I can help from home. After that, I am blessed with being able to love on my grandchildren. Emma is enjoying learning who she is. Pretty good for a one week old don't you think?

Today, I spent time studying how to dry rose hips and what to do with them after they are dried. I loved being outside, enjoying the sun on my face and listening to the calm sounds of twittering birds. Em says it is not a twitter when the baby birds are growing in the nest. (I laughed at that). Tonight we will use some of the rose hips for decorating a wreath we are putting together at family home evening.

I have been reading several wonder ladies blogs that are struggling with chronic illnesses or cancer of their own or their spouses. They feel free to open up to tell of despair, pain, or worry. I will think in the late of the night of challenges of my loss of my hero, but something within me will not let me write a thought that is not uplifting to another. Don't ask me why, it is just my inner self.

I have been procrastinating. I so need to get my sewing done for the girls before I go home. Therefore, I need to stop spending as much time blogging as I am and pause for the sewing machine. I won't do it...but I will finish what I have started in projects.

Now you see how my mind wanders when I am given time to reflect and ponder over the day and week(s). Hope your week ahead is blessed.


Emma sounds like a brilliant infant. No wonder she fascinates you!

Family night doing a wreath, I love it. If only I could bring my family together for tht sort of thing...

Your sewing machine beckons...happy creating!!

skinny minny said…
you write what you feel to share and whatever that is it is uplifting. for some sharing the pain and such can be not only a release for the writer but uplifting ( in a weird I am not alone or I can do this kind of way) for the reader. what a smart little girl emma is. rose hips huh? sounds like something fun to learn. love ya!
Can you post a pic of the finished wreath? That sounds different
Texasblu said…
Meandering thoughts.... a good thing. :)
Naturegirl said…
Your continued caring to keep me in your thoughts touch me at the deepest level..thank you..
Your Emma is and light aNNa xo
Wendy said…
Thank you for your heartfelt comments on my blog. By opening up and sharing our experiences, we discover we're not alone, whether laughing or crying. I have "met" so many supportive and caring blogger friends, I'm just amazed.

Your days sound full of happiness and love. Little Emma is a sweetie.
Rinkly Rimes said…
You paint a picture of a wonderfully contented life. As we say in Oz 'Good on ya'!