There Is A New Heirloom in the Making.

The youngest son went by a local flea market searching for some tools.  The Texas Flag quilt hanging caught his eye.  Home he came with his treasure with ideas for how to preserve it and keep it for his own.

The young woman who makes them does each piece as a one of a kind.  Her name is Holly.  I have a link if you are interested in her work.  She is an excellent craftsman.  Her work is impeccable.
I am thankful to have children that love art and appreciate that which is done well.


Lori E said…
What a great quilt to have.
As much as I love my country, Canada, our flag is not very, how shall I say it, photogenic.
Yours looks great weathered and old, tole painted, quilted, aged,
Ours, just red and white. Love it but it just isn't artistic.
send me the link! Tell Sean I am soooooooo jealous! What a find!