My Most Memorable Halloween at the Age of Seven

I remember dressing up like a princess.  My friends and I took our bags and started out across the neighborhoods.  Things were much less complicated then.  We went blocks away from our homes, there were no adults with us, everything was friendly.  I remember running across a large lot with my friends to beat some other kids to the next house. I all of a sudden found my self sitting on the ground because there was a wire fence I didn't see in the dark.  We had a good time laughing at me for "being the first".  After that I was the first to look, before I lept.  There was one house that everyone thought was spooky because they made the house look haunted with "spider webs" etc.  I don't think I went to that one.  At the end of the evening, we came back to the house, tired, sacks full of candy, costumes worn and torn, and full of spooky stories to tell about being out in the dark [never mind that there were 100 other kids in the same area with you].  ( I am rolling on the floor in laughter at myself at that age with such a vivid imagination of spooks and goblins.) Life was good then, I have often lamented that my children were never able to have the same innocent fun.

They did have their own fun, and communites have come up with activites to keep them safe.  I have a picture of one of the most original costumes they did together. They were the Anamanics.


I wasn't, I was Wendy from Peter Pan :P
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