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Sharing Memories (Week 13): Junior High Grades 7-8

When we left elementary school, in Edmond, OK., we "graduated" to Junior High School. It was somewhat traumatic in that the close-nit group of kids I had gone all the way through elementary with were joined by 3 other schools.  Interestingly it really didn't matter because I was involved in a church group and we tended to do things together at school also.  Most of all,  I loved the movement of Junior High School.  It was a mini High School, we changed classes, had lockers, and could leave if we wanted between 3 period and 4th for lunch. The High School mascot was the Bulldogs and that was true for the JR High also.  We even had school colors the same, gray and maroon.  Did I say that choosing the courses I wanted to take,and  freedom were several reasons I loved this age.  I could not tell you who my instructors were, but they were okay. I did well in my classes.  Not all A's, but then not all C's.  I have some of my report cards in a box somewhere. It was in Juni…

New Arrival! It Is All Good!


My daughter gave birth to a beautiful 7#5oz little boy this morning.  We are all excited.  She went through 2 months of bed rest to give him time to develop that healthiness.  The teenage boys are happy to have another rug rat to pester, and the toddler is glad there will be a baby to rock.  As you can tell the boys and the grandmother are just as happy as the mom.  What a treasure to have another addition to our eternal family!  I know that the grandfather is joyful in heaven that his grandson arrived safely.  Life is all good.

 And now the grandmomE got her chance to hold him.. Precious bundle.

What Do You Do While Waiting On a Baby to Come

If you are like the toddler or the next to the oldest, you might crawl up in bed turn on a preschool show and wait.  Of course, you may fall asleep.

If you are the oldest, and trying to meet a class activity dead line.  You might stay up and make a Blueberry Cheesecake to take to school the next day.  Of course, your grandmom will have to stay up with you...; )

Yes! We sampled the blueberry topping.  MMM Good.
Can you tell that by 12:30am we were getting tired? With five hours of sleep, the grandson was ready to take his finished product to school. We gave up at 1am and went on to bed to be awakened at 4:45am with the news. That is for the next post.

Sharing Memories (Week 12): Valentine's Day Stories 'Loves Beginning'

I am continuing to join Loraine at Olive Tree Genealogy Blog   with her Sharing Memories Prompts. My Valentine memories are as far back as my mom and dad's continuing courtship as I grew up.  My dad would always buy a Valentine and even roses for my mom on Valentine's Day.  It is a small wonder, that as my children grew, it was a remembered holiday.  However, there was an added factor. It was the day my Hero and I reconnected.  Here is how the story went.   When the Hero and I first started dating it was in October.  We dated for about two months and I was deeply entranced by him on my way to loving him.  We were having fun and enjoyed our dates, so it was a shock to me when he said, "I won't be seeing you any longer", just after Christmas.  Now that was just not right, no warning, no reason, just bye.  I was shocked and needless to say spent several days crying.  I could not understand his reasoning, because we related so well.  The thought of  not even being frie…

Somethings Don't Change

Over the years somethings just don't change and I am glad.  For Valentines Day I received a card that was designed and made by my grandson's.  It reminded me of the cards I would make when I was in elementary school.  I looked in my keepsake box and found card that I had made when I was 8 for my mom and dad.  That made me think, what fun a scrapbook page would be, using the two cards made 2 generations and 52 years apart.  Sentiments are the same and the fun of making your own creation and giving it to someone you care about  is still a uplifting activity. Thank you my grandsons for being so special. Love GrandmomE

Elements and paper are from Misty Belle

This is Some Fun and A Happy Valentines Day

Chitra at My was kind enough to award me a Sweet Award.  She is really the one who deserves it.  I love her blog.  She takes trips and shares the sights of her country and insights into her religion.  She is a lovely lady, and I thank her.

There are 3 rules, one is acknowledging the blogger who passed it on which I have done.  The second is to share ten things that makes me happy, and the third is to pass it on to 10 bloggers.

Here are my 10 things that make me happy.
1. My faith in Christ
2. My family (focus is on my six children and 14 (& one on the way) grandchildren
3. Listening to the sounds of nature sitting on my back porch on the farm
4. The delightful sound of children's laughter
5. Finding my ancestors and helping others do the same
6. Gardening, flowers or veggies.
7. Sharing with others
8. Giving Hugs
9. Finishing a sewing project that turns out well.  LOL
10.Making a meal that others enjoy.

I have received this award on my genealogy blog so…

Sharing Memories Week 11 Elementary School Days

The majority of my elementary days were spent at Campus Elementary that was in the above building call Old North Building of Central State College (It is now Central State University and the elementary school is no longer there). The picture was before I came there. It was the original building of the college which was considered a 'normal' college, meaning it taught teachers to teach. (A normal school was a school created to train high school graduates to be teachers. Its purpose was to establish teaching standards or norms, hence its name.)

I was in the second grade when we moved to Edmond, OK. My teacher was Mrs Russell. I loved the room I was in. It was bright and sunny and there were great manipulative toys/learning tools to use if we could not go outside at recess. The lunch room was down stairs, the library was in the next building and the PE was across campus as was the music classes. We went to where the college's buildings for those disciplines were.

In the thir…

My Special Dress And A Dream Prom

As I was reading through some of the best posts of the week, I came across injaynesworld post with the premise that everyone should have that one special dress.  She finished her post with "what was your special dress?"  I thought about it and had an ah ha moment.  This was a story for my granddaughters and grandson's.

My special dress was my Junior Prom dress.  Interestingly, I had just been talking with my granddaughter about prom dresses.  I told her that every girl should have a special store bought dress for her first prom.  There is something about having that dress that makes you feel fine.  You know from the moment you put it on that you and the dress are one and it brings out every good point in you.

As we were nearing our Junior/Senior Prom.  The Juniors always planned and implemented the prom for the Seniors.  I worked on the committees  and engaged in the "girl talk" about who was going with who.  As the date began to near, I could see the young ma…