Sweet Reminders Of Being Loved

I was so surprised to open my mail box an find a card to me from my Coppertop granddaughter (the small redhead in the pink in the picture.)  I hurriedly got into the car and tore open the envelope.  Wonder of wonder's, she had made me a card and a small pieced heart square (a blanket for a weeeeee wee one); how my heart sang.  This little lady is so joyful and full of life that she carries you along with her.  It is all good.  She is a classic example of looking at the glass as half full.  If you can't tell I love this sweetie.  I now carry my card on  my dash board.  She is my little angel offering love and comfort to me when I feel tired and worn.  Inside she wrote the note "I hope your ankle is getting better"  Well it is, and with uplifting gifts of love like this it will get even better. I am blessed. (Don't think I leave the other girls out, not even...We spend time on the cell phone and emails.)   God is good to me


Lori E said…
It is so important for kids to have a strong bond with their grandparents. Something that is really lacking in today's society. They need that anchor.