Goal for the New Year: Learn to Make Chapatis

You will laugh when you read this. 
I grew up with my grandmother and aunts making Fried Indian Bread, American Indian.  They always had their flour bowl ready for whipping up a batch when guests arrived.

Tonight I had bought some Tabouli and Hummus for supper.  When I arrived back at my daughter's, she said, 'We need some pita bread', she then called her husband, but he was not able to stop on his way home for pita bread.  I said look up how to make flat bread.  She did but was unable to find a recipe.  I then suggested she look up Indian fried bread, thinking of my grandmother's.  She excitedly exclaimed I found it! Chapatis!.  I looked over her shoulder and there, sure enough, was a recipe for Indian Chapatis.  The two breads are very similar in ingredients.  The preparation of Chapatis is definitely different.

 Chapatis and Indian Fried Bread are both made with flour and water, but you just make a patty of the Indian Bread and fry it.  The Chapatis you knead, form into balls, then form patties, roll into 1/6" circles and fry in an oiled skillet. 
The flavor of the Chapatis Bread is great and is wonderful with hummus.
The evening was great.


The finished Chapatis.


Lori E said…
Well don't these look good.
If you truly want pitas next time look up the recipe on Michele's blog Big Black Dogs. She is an awesome baker. You can find a link in my blog roll if you can't find her in a search.
Lynne said…
Thank you for visiting me.
Best wishes to you for the new year and especially at this difficult time for you. What a touching story about your husband.
BPOTW said…
We live and learn! The important thing is that you had a good time and now have a goal!! Hehe Good luck!!