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Kai The Nanny Dog

This morning as I headed out to the garden with the toddlers, I was struck by the joy my granddaughter expressed as she saw Kai waiting just out side.  She ran to him and hugged him as if he had been gone for a long time.  Kai is half Siberian Husky and half Chocolate Labrador and belongs to my son who shares him with us.  I was not sure what to expect of him as he grew from a puppy to an adult dog.  I have read of the Japanese using  the Akita breed as playmates for their children.  Kai appears to have a similar temperament.  I looked up  the meaning of the name and it is "sea" in Hawaiian, or "keeper of the keys;earth" in Wales.  I think he leans towards the earth.

Later we returned to the porch and they began to play.  You can see the loving relationship they have. 

It is a blessing to have a dog that adores children.

The Bluebonnets Are In Bloom !

When April comes in Texas, we have a tradition.  The cameras come out and you load your children in their Easter clothes and head for the fields of bluebonnets.  Everyone wants to their child's picture in the bluebonnets.  My daughter is always out there too.  Today, I went along to help and took the toddler's with me so they could have their pictures taken in the bluebonnets. (if you click on the pictures they can be seen larger, then click the blue arrow back)
They were like 'why am I here?'

Then vanity took over and the two year old patted the four year old on the shoulder and stepped into the lime light.
 The daughter had her two year old, the infant, and teens trying to catch a shot...since the two year old would not leave her side, the shot was in her lap. 
 She has that shot.  Then there was the reasoning that you must not pick the bluebonnets.  Be careful don't step on them...

 That was a

 They finally relaxed for a smile.  All in all it was fun and I d…

Hang Around For A Week or Two and the Weather Will Change.

Yesterday was a regular muggy Texas day.  We had gone from light frosts almost overnight to the highs being in the 80's and the lows in the 60's.  We had brought out all the warm weather clothes and put up all the cool weather clothes. Then last night a front went through, it dropped to the 40's and although it is 60 degrees, the Northwest wind chill makes it much cooler.  We are searching for sweaters and sweatshirt jackets.  That did not stop the flowers though.   The Texas Coral Honeysuckle is growing like everything.  The Toddlers like to suck on the end and enjoy the sweet nectar. It grows wild along the road near my house and in the back of the farm. If you click on its name you can read about it. Then click the back arrow to come back here if you like.

This is the toddler's mint garden.  There is Spearmint, Chocolate mint, Peppermint, and Pineapple mint, also Mexican Bush Sage on the side which is already beginning to bloom, and Columbine on the top for pretty flowe…

The Phone Rings at 10:30pm


I was sitting and finishing emails at 10:30 when my phone rang.
I wondered who could be calling at this hour as I walked over and picked up the phone. I glanced at the number and saw it was the second daughter, I thought she is usually in bed long before now, I wonder what could be wrong.  I said "hello?"  No  answer, I was wondering....Hello....Then I heard a giggle.

It was my cutie grandson 'Little Red'.

He babble talked a bit then said "love you" and gave me a kiss.
At this point his mom took the phone and
 laughed saying he had been giving his dad a hard time and they called me thinking I was the only person they knew they could call safely that late at night.

You Bet...I will accept a call to say 'I love you' from my grandson at anytime.

It is good to be loved.

Flowers and the Toddlers

We started out our week ridding our garden of fire ants, then we decided to go hunting for wild flowers.  Weeds such as Flea bane qualified.

The granddaughter wasn't sure what to do when told to smell the flower.

We found some wild onions (which I know are really in the garlic family) and woodland violets.
I love these.

After our search the grandson watered our vertical garden of mints. 

Oops some have escaped.  Wonder what mowing it will be like.