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Some People Are Bigger Than Life

This is a tribute to a special friend who passed from this life to the other side of the veil this week.
He was a professional golfer who taught many and loved the game, but that is not what he will be remembered for.  He was a friend to many, mentor for young and old, and a religious adviser who never forgot duty or honor.

In our church, we have a program that is called home teaching.[The Elders of the church visit assigned families monthly.] He was our home teacher for many years.    Every once in a while you find a person like my friend whom I will call Sunshine.  Now why Sunshine.  Because he would always have a story or joke to bring the light of laughter or the positive rays of happiness into our living room.  When we faced some of our darkest hours, his friendship and encouragement was there...not just on a monthly basis, but frequent calls, just dropped by, secret helps.  He was always a doer of secret acts of kindness.  He had a heart capable of unconditional forgiveness.  Wh…

Stirrings Of Spring Time

I love the spring time.  The first budding of the trees. the sprouts of grass, and the warmth of the sun.  I am so very excited about my fruit trees.  Look! As I was driving in to the driveway coming home after being away for 4 months helping my daughters, I was greeted by a cheery daffodil.

As I was unloading the car tonight, I looked up and the pear tree was glowing like a ghost tree in the dark. I, of course, had to get a picture of it.   My whole small orchard is in blossom.  Pray there isn't a late freeze. The blossoms give the promise of pear jam and canned pears. Not to mention, a beautiful cheery spot in the garden. 
Tomorrow I will start pot cleaning, preparing to plant now that I am home.  I am excited!