It All Started With Bubbles

If you have ever worked in a toddler nursery, you know one way to capture the attention of a little one is to get the bubbles out and blow bubbles for them.  They are fascinated.

 (Clip art from Fotosearch)

On the second day, after I arrived at my daughter's home, my granddaughter wanted to go outside and blow bubbles.   We did.  She had so much fun chasing them around and trying to stomp on them.  There was one that was so pretty and I wanted to catch a picture of it just resting peacefully on the grass stem when, WHAM!...the little foot came down and with a peal of laughter she was off to catch another bubble.  We were both fascinated with the one that rose gently and gracefully into the sky and passed over the house until we couldn't see it anymore.  What a fun memory it is to have.
That day was also the day she discovered that my screen saver on my computer is bubbles.  It fascinated her.  She will come into my room with a sweet shy smile and say "Bubbles?".  If my computer is off, I turn it on.   If it is on, I tell her to be patient and they will come out and play for her.  She will sit for a long time just watching the movement of the bubbles, sometimes I sit with her and we make up stories about what the bubbles are doing.
Somewhere along the way, I decided that I would make her bubble pj's, if I could find the fabric.  I found some frogs and bubbles flannel fabric online at Hancock's.  I went to Hancock's to buy it, but they did not have the fabric there.  Luckily they did have some wonderful ducks and bubbles fleece and now you get to see my animated, happy bubble girl in her new bubble ensemble.
She was so excited to see her new outfit in the mirror and had to tale with herself about it.

It was a bit hard to accept that it was time to go to bed.

Then we found our matching pillow and it was all right.

And we wish each of you a good night. ; )


Mildred said…
What a wonderful memory to share and she is precious. I love her pj's and pillow. I hope long after she's outgrown these, you guys will save this fabric for a quilt etc. She will always treasure the memories you are creating!
Oh Hummer...
Sweetie this is just the cutest post with the cutest little smile. She is just beautiful.

I love her new jammies. Aren't they just the cutest pair ever? Who can resist a yellow duckie? And a pillow to match. Sweetie you thought of everything.

Loved the bubble story. So precious. We have all been there with the bubbles for sure.

Thank you for sharing. I love it when you do.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry
Lori E said…
I used to send bubble floating down from my upper deck to the yard below at my kid's birthday parties for the wild boys to chase down.
It would tire them out enough that they could then be slightly civilized for about an hour. Of course by then I was high as a kite from lack of oxygen from blowing bubbles for so long.
A win, win situation. Lol.
Naturegirl said…
As I read through your story I recalled a day in my garden with my wee toddler grandson when I blew bubbles for him...through the eyes of a child has to be the best second chance a true blessing for grandmas!love and light to you hugs aNNa xo
hummer said…
Thank you all for your comments. Lori, I just rolled when I read your comments about blowing the bubbles. And yes, the grandchild memories are a treasure.
My grandchildren love bubbles, too. The bubble-pattern fabric is great... and a matching pillow is a brilliant idea. Thanks!
BPOTW said…
How wonderful! It takes so little to make them so happy!
Anonymous said…
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