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Sheet Pajamas and Pillowcase Gown .... Recycled Is Good

This is a blog piece I planned while in California. When I came back to Texas, things were crazy.  I decided today I needed to begin to catch up.
My granddaughter Miss T loved her 'Chutes and Ladders' sheets.  I guess you could say she loved them almost too much, the sheets became worn with a hole or two  Thus the mom requested while I was visiting and waiting on the newborn, would I make some pajamas for the two older girls from the sheets.
We started with the sheets,

I just couldn't stop with  a plain top, there had to be decorative stitches, ribbons... she is girly.

We ended up with pajamas for Miss T and a pillow case gown for Miss E.

Now the video my daughter sent to me when I got home.
I think they are beautiful.