Saying Good Bye Will Be Hard

I will be leaving on Tuesday to go back to Texas.  I have had a wonderful time and the joy of being with this special family has been like a breath of spring. 

I know I will shed a tear when the parting time comes because my sweetie T and I have shared some special times this visit.  She has a special spirit, and a sweet loving countenance. Is she perfect?  To answer that question, I would ask is a two year old perfect?  No.  She is a masterpiece in the making, and I love her so.

Her mom and dad and little sister are special too.  I will have to return at some point to get to know little miss Em when she gets a wee bit older.

Walking through life and having to leave those you love is heart wrenching, but the blessings are knowing that that walk was worth it. 

GrandmomE will be back.


Joel said…
We miss you already!