The Snow.


Late Winter Snowfall

Snow falls
on snow.

Lazily drifting
above to below.

I shuffle
through the white.

All is still...
no sounds tonight.

The trees covered
in frozen ash.

Quiet, serene
they watch, abashed.

I am obtrusive,
so I leave.

Saddened by thoughts
I cannot conceive.

Outside snow
falls on snow.

What else is out there?
I do not know.
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Texasblu said…
Cute - she does have that pensive look about her, doesn't she?

Don't center the words - go back and have them justified to the left. That way you get the feel of snowfall as you read the text. ;)
Mildred said…
Very nice. In Georgia today, we just have extreme wind but our temps are balmy - almost spring-like!
Lori E said…
This is really beautiful. It almost makes me want some snow. ALMOST.
Beautiful poem...

Your little granddaughter looks like she really wants to go out and play in all that lovely whiteness!! And we have tons of it here, too :-)

Naturegirl said…
Beautiful poem of the first snow.Old man winter comes in gently as seen in these images and the face of the angel looking out is precious!
blessings to you aNNa xo
Wendy said…
Beautiful poem. And your little granddaughter is sweet!
Diane Schuller said…
I love that photo of your granddaughter. What a moment you captured.