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My Daughter The Writer

My Daughter is a beginning writer, she has started her own writer's blog and invites others to visit it, make comments and assist her as she grows.  Click here to go to her blog I am really proud of my girl. She is really growing in the world of writing.  I just sit back and smile watching her grow. Actually all of the girls are writing. This one is the one leading the way. I am posting a button on the side bar Living in the Write World so you can visit her anytime.  She is trying to build traffic as told to her by her mentor. Thanks for coming by.

Who Says That Functional Isn't Beautiful

Look at my beautiful bean blossoms,
My Cinnamon Basil next to the Red Sage, take note of the small tomato in the background.   It is so pleasing to sit and enjoy the natural beauty in my garden
The berries were breath taking in the amount they bore this year.  Plenty for us and for the birds.  My fine feathered friends are singing their hearts out in my mini Texas Rain Forest. 
Working for balance here.

Garden Report June 19

You know how it is.

You start out with seeds or small seedlings, and pray and hope, and sweat until all at once the whole kit and kaboole seems to have come ripe at the same time.  Sigh.  I am in that category right now.  While I was at the Lavender Festival and picking peaches, the son was watering the garden, but not picking. I went out last night and here is my basket.

 So not only do I have peaches to can, I now have to make zucchini bread for freezing and tomatoes to can.  The daughter made steamed green beans tonight.  They were tasty.  Here are pictures of where the garden is now.  I will make blogs later on the peaches and bread. ;-)

  (The seedling in the hands is from Glitter Graphics)

Lavender Festival Fun with the Toddlers

We were fortunate to be able to make it this year to the Blanco Texas Lavender Festival. 
Blanco in Spanish means white, but since Blanco has become the Lavender Capital of Texas they are now Lavender in color.  Although the Lavender Lemonade was pale yellow, and an absolutely delicious to taste.!  And the Lavender lemon cookies are the best ever.! We skipped the court yard market to go straight out to the farms to see the demonstrations.  Unfortunately, we arrived late. 
We did get to attend the how to raise Lavender class at Hill Country Lavender Farm. .  The lady there was really good at answering questions.  I bought 2 plants to go in the garden at home.  They had Lavandula angustifolias or English lavenders, Munstead Lavender.  It was the best for the drier climate. 

The second farm we went two was Heron's Nest Herb Farm.  Our purpose for going there was to learn how to distill the oils from herbs.  I ended up buying a purple hat, and we did see the distilling process, just too …

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

My weekend started off with taking first my mother-in-law to my father-in-law's grave with my second daughter, her children, and the toddlers. 

The next day, my youngest daughter, her children (the toddlers) and I took my mother to my father's grave and the Hero's grave.  I visited with all my children in person or by phone, and had time to work in my garden some.
We were glad to have the time to teach the toddlers respect for the dead and for their living elderly.   It was good to spend time with the two ladies that played a great deal of influence in my life.