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A Challenging Day, But This Too Shall Pass

Today is the second anniversary of my husband's death.  It is time to give a report to my family. 
This has been a hard year.  I was surprised.  I had thought that it would get easier.  Maybe I have just not stopped long enough to let the emotions clear.  My sweetie and I were, as the children were fond of saying, 'so close that we were joined at the hip.' 
I do not know what I would have done had I not had all the joyous love that my family and Ned's family has given me.  There is a purpose in everything, I am just trying to sort it out. 
This was a scripture my husband loved from D&C 76:22  And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!
Ned loved Christ and the gift he gave us.  This is what keeps me moving.  The knowledge we will be together again.  It is Christmas time, a time to rejoice and be glad.  I can do this.

LDSWBR Countdown to Christmas 2010 Contest

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Happy Birthday My Gorgeous Granddaughter!

I have been looking at some of my old journal recently.  When this date snuck up on me I thought to myself...hmmm...I can blog about the years from then to now? or maybe, how I love this granddaugher.  She was my first grandchild. I will not reveal the birth year...we have our privacy you know...; )

On this date (ahem) several years ago, Athena was born at Doctors Hospital in Texas.  Her poor mother's labor room was over flowing with family, myself, her sister Lil' Miss Sunshine, and Red Beard.  It had not been planned that way but it was a great experience (for the rest of us).
We all laughed when Red Beard left long enough to attend the breast feeding class that TexasBlu had not taken yet.  He was full of commentary when he got back. 
Later Lil' Miss Sunshine was pulled in to coaching when Red Beard began to hyperventilate while breathing with TexasBlu and had to sit down.  Red Beard was not one to stand back and watch. When TexasBlu went into transition stage, Red Beard…

First Quilting Project a Growth Chart.

This last month, as you know, I spent with my wonderful grandchildren in Idaho.  Each child has such distinctive personalities.  I absolutely loved my time spent there. 
Nana and SuzyQ were both interested in learning to sew.  The machine says that 10 is too young so SuzyQ was relegated to cutting and ironing which she did well.  I did not get any pictures of her unfortunately.

I was very impressed with Nana. She took to piecing quickly and became very precise in the size and shape. I am sorry I had to leave before she finished, but I will share with you the finished product when her mom sends me a picture.  Lets give the girls a big hand for being such good beginning quilters.!