Oh Joy of Joy's

 Our first thumb sucking moment.
Mom and baby are doing well.  They are tired, the mom has a temp. elevation.  The mid wife thinks it is just exhaustion.  I am excited to be here and she is a doll.  Her sister is excited and indifferent.  What can we say, a new person in the house that out cries her.  LOL.  I am tired signing off.  Joyful day.


skinny minny said…
so sweet! giv e them both hugs for me!
Texasblu said…
Tori's precious - how's she handling it all?
Lori E said…
Congrats to all. This is a lot to give thanks for this Thanksgiving.
I hope you have a delightful Thanksgiving with your family.
Naturegirl said…
What a wonderful blessing!Congratulations to you and your family!
xo to your bundle of JoY!!
Congratulations!! The pictures are precious and little Emma is a doll!! Mom & Dad look exhausted but joyous!!

Have a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving, my friend!

Wendy said…
Congratulations!!! How wonderful! A brand-new little one to love.

My daughter was born on this day 35 years ago! How time flies. It seems just yesterday, she was a baby and now she has babies of her own.

I found you through Nature Girl. I love your blog background.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!