The Fun of Creating Christmas Decorations For Your Children.

As my children were growing up and my first grandchildren, I would make ornaments that would be personally theirs for putting up on the tree.  My oldest helped when she was little then the others followed suit each year making salt dough ornaments.  We had a full set of Dorthy of Wizard of OZ, Disney Characters, and misc. bears, angels etc.  I was heart broken when we moved to the country and mice got into my storage and ate most of the ornaments.  (Hope they got heart burn.) 
My next attempt at personal ornaments were embroidered ornaments.  We had a panda bear, angels, my favorite were the Holly Babies ornaments, and mercy the rest escapes me.  My aunt, their great aunt, made crocheted bells, and stockings to put on the tree.  As they left home, I would give them their own ornaments to keep.  I bought some porcelain Holly Baby Angels to represent each of my children on my own tree as mine grew bare from giving away theirs.  I still have those. 

It had warmed my heart to see my Em crocheting her own ornaments for her tree.  But! Tonight after her daughter went to bed, she unveiled her crocheted manger scene to be a surprise for her daughter to play with as the season progresses. I had not seen it yet.  I was amazed at the detail she put into each of the manger scene people.   Her husband takes great delight in her creativity. Hope you enjoy seeing her manger scene. Some traditions around the birth of Christ are just wonderful.    



Lori E said…
You never cease to amaze me. These are so cute.
Mildred said…
It's nice to meet you! What a precious crocheted Nativity. I like that it is child friendly and can actually be played with. She did a great job and the details are amazing. Hope you enjoy a great day!
Alright! First of all I'm so jealous of that nativity scene. mE I put in a request for one at your leisure. lol. not that she has much of that now. Also I have to say I loved that wreath around the Tuba in the marching band. So jealous of the experience wish I was there :)
Texasblu said…
WHERE IS MINE???????????????

Diane Schuller said…
really wonderful and yes, it's these kinds of things that have so much meaning.