Sunday, May 23, 2010

Slice of Live First Experience First Birth

TexasBlu at Slice of Life has started her weekly Sunday meme.  This week's prompt is Sharing a story about a first experience.  If you click on Slice of Life, you will see other stories that are linked.
When you get to be 60 plus, the number of first's grows.  Let me see what would be of interesting read.
Ah.My first child birthing experience. 
For most, I suppose it would be a spiritual like experience, a life changing experience.  For me, it was 'I will never have the same experience again!'
I was a second year nursing student.  
The doctor never really discussed what labor would be like and everyone else, I suppose, thought the same as he did, I was a nursing student so I knew all about delivery.  NOT.
Hmmm, what were my expectations, Oh yes, cramping.  My stomach would start cramping, and I would have the baby.  Naive.
The doctor, a boisterous huge man of Scottish descent, Dr McClanahan, was sometimes overwhelming.  You just went with the flow, and did not ask questions, he told you.  He was surprised that at 40 weeks and facing finals, I was not even having small contractions.  At 41 weeks, he saw me and said 'anytime'.  When, I finished my last final...the Hero said, "Wow! We made it, let's go and celebrate.!"  We went to a great tasting Mexican Food restaurant on Westheimer in Houston.  I loved it but, by the time we arrived back at home, my stomach was queasy and my back was killing me.  I started having diarrhea.  I just sat on the floor in the bathroom groaning.  Well, the Hero was more astute than I.  He said, "I am calling the doctor."  "No," said I. "It is just food poisoning, I am having diarrhea."  He called the doctor anyway, and off we went to the hospital.  As it was back in the dark ages of delivery, they put me in a wheelchair and rolled me off to the depths of delivery leaving the Hero in the waiting room.  (He wrote me a poem...which I can not find now..sigh).  He always laughed that my last words to him as I went out of sight was...."I'll be out in a minute, it is just diarrhea."...
When I arrived in the labor area, I was so tired...a week of finals and no sleep.  The kind nurse said, "Here, we will give you a light sleeping pill to help you rest, you are having back labor, and it will be a long time since it is your first."  Okay, that should have been a flag...did not know that all labors are not the same.  They gave me pain meds, a sleeping pill, and a type of hypnotic that they used to give mothers to help them forget...Oh awful.
I slept right through the delivery which was in 4 hours.  Then, I proceeded to sleep for another 8 hours afterwards.  I haven't any idea what the delivery was like.  The Hero saw our beautiful daughter before I did.  He told me she looked perfect.  Not like a newborn at all.
Did he have fun with this?.Oh yes he did.  I was teased "forever" about it.
"Diarrhea, yes that is what she said...."  
  My First Born at one month and myself.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reporting on My Tulsi or Holy Basil

I sent off to an Herb farm in Oregon called Horizon Herbs that specializes in medicinal herbs for my Tulsi seed.  They sent all three varieties of this Basil.  (It is not the same as the "Thai Basil" sold for Thai cuisine.)
Tulsi is cultivated for religious and medicinal purposes, and for its essential oil. It is widely known across South Asia as a medicinal plant and an herbal tea, commonly used in Ayurveda, and has an important role within the Vaishnavite tradition of Hinduism, in which devotees perform worship involving Tulsi plants or leaves.
If you go to Ocimum tenuiflorum by clicking on it's name here you will see a complete write up about it.

I am so excited about the Tulsi.  You can tell which seed is the hardiest.

The Rama Tulsi has developed to 3 inches.  The Krishna is the second to grow, then the Vana is the apparent weakest here.  In the write up about the Tulsi, the plant is just divided into green and purple leaved.

I love  basil plants.  I have African Blue Basil, Cinnamon Basil, Sweet Basil, and Genovesse Basil.  Each has its own characteristic and wonderful fragrance.  I can hardly wait to see what the new basil will be like.  I am already planning on where I will be  planting the seedlings. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CTR Ring and Sealing Anniversary

In our church, this ring is usually worn by the youth as a Choose The Right ring to remind them of choices they make affect the rest of their life. The Counselor to the Prophet of our church gave the thought to the members that it would be good for the older set to wear it as a reminder for "Current Temple Recommend". I wear it for a dual reminder, to remember the choices I make affect me eternally and thus my reuniting with the Hero when I leave this life. I also wear it to remind me to keep my temple recommend current. I wear this instead of a wedding ring.Today is the 33rd anniversary of our going to the Mesa Temple to be sealed.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Meme for Sharing Memories

Every Sunday, I share a story about my hero on my Family History Blog. 
My daughter on Haven just shared that she has started a sharing a slice of life meme.  She is hoping for a great response from others to begin taking the time to write memories before they are gone.  This is from her website.  If you click the  link at the bottom it will take you to her blog.  Hope to see you there!  
Hello, and welcome to the rules for sharing a slice of life meme! To participate is easy!

Why do Sharing a Slice of Life?

1) We all know we need to write our stories for posterity. Rare is the individual who can sit and write it all out in chronological order, but we can all remember a slice at a time.

2) By joining a meme, you might find yourself remembering and writing about things you wouldn't have thought of!

3) Support and fun! It's interesting to see how many different angles can be written on the same subject matter. It's also easier to stay committed when you have others cheering you on for your efforts.

4) Working on family history is a great Sunday activity!


Every Sunday I'll have a new prompt for you at Haven. Go to your blog and post something on that subject - whether it's a story, a poem, a description, a photo.... whatever you want, as long as it's out of YOUR life (or an ancestor's is fine) that has to do with the subject matter. Be sure to link back so others can find us and join in the fun.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Surprise for Mother's Day.

This is a little late, but I had to wait for pictures, then put together my thoughts.
My mother had hoped for years to have a blue bird take residence in the brown unsightly bird house in our side yard.  I was just about to have my son take it down. 
Then, this last week end, my oldest son went out to take pictures with his new camera.  Lo and Behold he discovered not only was there a blue bird at our house, but there was a family of blue birds in residence.  He was excited and took pictures to share with my mother at the assisted living home.  She could hardly believe that her bird house was finally being used after 6 years of hope.  Here are his shots.
You can tell that he has found a feeding source.  He can have the worms on my lettuce too.  lol

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 4th is Mom's Birthday

May 4 is my son and Mother and her Twin's birthday.  When my son was born, my mom was so excited that she had a birthday baby.  He has always been kind to her as a grandson.  She was disappointed when he could not make it to celebrate with her this year.
To make it special, we met with her sister, a friend of hers and myself, a granddaughter and four great grandchildren at IHOP, a pancake house.  She and her sister turned 82.  They are the last of their family of 13 children that are living.
(My  mom is in an assisted living facility because she has dementia.  Her sister still lives at home and goes out to play bridge regularly and sometime participates in local community theaters.  She was very upset by my mom's dementia. )
When we arrived at the restaurant, I asked if they had cup cakes for the two.. They said no, but they did have an ice cream dish with a cherry on top that they did with song.  LOL,  I said okay.
Then I realized I had forgotten my camera.  My daughter was able to take some shots with her camera, but she missed the expression on their face when the ice cream and staff in song came to the table to serenade them.  They were so happy and pleased.

 It was worth every minute of the 3 hour drive we had to make. Grandchildren and the Birthday girls had a ball.  Life is good.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Lady

Some of us age gracefully.  My sister-in-law had her 70th birthday just recently.   We are blessed to still have the Hero's mother with us at 90.  Mom took us to a nice restaurant we had lots of fun.  I told my children, I hope my aging is a great as these two ladies.
The fun part of the evening was that my brother-in-law at 64 is still a bit of a rascal.  She had said,"It is a perfect party, don't sing Happy Birthday."  Well, her grandchildren were there...hello....a small cake was brought out and all sang happy birthday.  She blushed, but the grandchildren were delighted and came for their hugs.  It was a delightful time.
Aren't they lovely, the birthday girl is in the center and mom on the right.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Celebrating The Hero's Birthday

Before my sweetheart died, he gave me the best gift I could ever have asked for.  It has taken three years to really accomplish it, but I am really working in the raised garden he insisted on having built for me before he died.
He had the joy of planting it the spring before he died.  Last year, I planted some, but really wasn't home enough to work it correctly.  I reaped that benefit, I am fighting fire ants like crazy.  Once again, I digress.

This spring I have planned my plants, and where to plant them.  I decided to plant strawberries in one corner and blueberries in the far end. I ordered 25 strawberries from Stark Bros. and they arrived yesterday.  Today, I planted the strawberries in the garden.
I was happy as I finished.  I feel I am saying thank you to him for his effort to make something that would help me for years to come.  I am grateful that he loved me enough to have done this.  I just wish he were here to play with me in the garden too.  Well, I planted one of his shoes with Thyme for a giggle in the garden.  He would have had fun with it.  "Running out of Thyme?"

This is my entrance, you notice there is a hanging pot of strawberries.  I have my flag.  The garden is in its infant stage, but I have great hopes for it.  My beans have come up, I have planted 5 different kinds to see which gives the best yield.  I have 4 bush  one package was from Renee's Garden .  They are called Tricolor Slenderette Beans.  The other is a Blue Lake Bush bean, and a pole bean called Scarlet Runner.  They are up and appear to be flourishing.  My Holy Basil has peeped up over the edge of the soil, but that is for a different post.

If you click here you will see the Hero's Birthday post