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TexasBlu at Slice of Life has started her weekly Sunday meme.  This week's prompt is Sharing a story about a first experience.  If you click on Slice of Life, you will see other stories that are linked.
When you get to be 60 plus, the number of first's grows.  Let me see what would be of interesting read.
Ah.My first child birthing experience. 
For most, I suppose it would be a spiritual like experience, a life changing experience.  For me, it was 'I will never have the same experience again!'
I was a second year nursing student.  
The doctor never really discussed what labor would be like and everyone else, I suppose, thought the same as he did, I was a nursing student so I knew all about delivery.  NOT.
Hmmm, what were my expectations, Oh yes, cramping.  My stomach would start cramping, and I would have the baby.  Naive.
The doctor, a boisterous huge man of Scottish descent, Dr McClanahan, was sometimes overwhelming.  You just went with the flow, and did not ask questions, he told you.  He was surprised that at 40 weeks and facing finals, I was not even having small contractions.  At 41 weeks, he saw me and said 'anytime'.  When, I finished my last final...the Hero said, "Wow! We made it, let's go and celebrate.!"  We went to a great tasting Mexican Food restaurant on Westheimer in Houston.  I loved it but, by the time we arrived back at home, my stomach was queasy and my back was killing me.  I started having diarrhea.  I just sat on the floor in the bathroom groaning.  Well, the Hero was more astute than I.  He said, "I am calling the doctor."  "No," said I. "It is just food poisoning, I am having diarrhea."  He called the doctor anyway, and off we went to the hospital.  As it was back in the dark ages of delivery, they put me in a wheelchair and rolled me off to the depths of delivery leaving the Hero in the waiting room.  (He wrote me a poem...which I can not find now..sigh).  He always laughed that my last words to him as I went out of sight was...."I'll be out in a minute, it is just diarrhea."...
When I arrived in the labor area, I was so tired...a week of finals and no sleep.  The kind nurse said, "Here, we will give you a light sleeping pill to help you rest, you are having back labor, and it will be a long time since it is your first."  Okay, that should have been a flag...did not know that all labors are not the same.  They gave me pain meds, a sleeping pill, and a type of hypnotic that they used to give mothers to help them forget...Oh awful.
I slept right through the delivery which was in 4 hours.  Then, I proceeded to sleep for another 8 hours afterwards.  I haven't any idea what the delivery was like.  The Hero saw our beautiful daughter before I did.  He told me she looked perfect.  Not like a newborn at all.
Did he have fun with this?.Oh yes he did.  I was teased "forever" about it.
"Diarrhea, yes that is what she said...."  
  My First Born at one month and myself.


It's too bad you missed all the excitement, but she sure looks perfect!
Texasblu said…
:P Experimental children - that's what us first borns are called. I guess those were the early days of the epidural...

You forgot to mention he checked me for webbed toes. :D
Lori E said…
We've come a long way haven't we. I commented on the other post and then I read the comment you left about it being a mistake. Oh well. I enjoyed reading it again.
What a great first even if you can't remember it.
Cindy said…
Thanks for sharing. I'm glad that moms can be awake now, when giving birth!!

P.S. I used to be a nurse too!!
Well what I want to know is what you thought about the birthing process after you finally got to go through it. LOL! And I'm glad I've never made it to 41 weeks, yuck! And finals? Mom, you are Wonder Woman!
Karen said…
What a great story. Bet you never thought a simple remark about diarrhea would become a Family Classic... lol...
nannykim said…
What a neat story. At least you got some rest which you DID need ;-)
chitra said…
here to say hello to you.just back after my vacation.see you