Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Lady

Some of us age gracefully.  My sister-in-law had her 70th birthday just recently.   We are blessed to still have the Hero's mother with us at 90.  Mom took us to a nice restaurant we had lots of fun.  I told my children, I hope my aging is a great as these two ladies.
The fun part of the evening was that my brother-in-law at 64 is still a bit of a rascal.  She had said,"It is a perfect party, don't sing Happy Birthday."  Well, her grandchildren were there...hello....a small cake was brought out and all sang happy birthday.  She blushed, but the grandchildren were delighted and came for their hugs.  It was a delightful time.
Aren't they lovely, the birthday girl is in the center and mom on the right.


Hi Hummer Sweetie..
Beautiful post and gorgeous birthday girl. She is just GORGEOUS. I hope I look that beautiful at 70. Who would have thought? Her Moma at 90. OMG is she not beautiful?

What a wonderful post for sure. Happy Belated Birthday to the birthday girl.

Have a beautiful Sunday... Country love and hugs to you...Sherry
Eva Gallant said…
Birthday girl looks amazing at 70! Did you happen to see my post on Friday about my sister's 70th birthday?
hummer said…
Thank you ladies.
Sherry yes, they are awesome.
Eva yes, I did see your post. I loved it!
chitra said…
B'day girl looks quite young for that age
Convey Happy b'day t her on my behalf.
Mildred said…
Very lovely indeed.

I have been on blog break and have started a new blog. I'd love for you to visit.

Have a nice day.
hummer said…
Mildred can you give me a url...I can't find your blog on my followers list.

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments about the lovely ladies.