A Surprise for Mother's Day.

This is a little late, but I had to wait for pictures, then put together my thoughts.
My mother had hoped for years to have a blue bird take residence in the brown unsightly bird house in our side yard.  I was just about to have my son take it down. 
Then, this last week end, my oldest son went out to take pictures with his new camera.  Lo and Behold he discovered not only was there a blue bird at our house, but there was a family of blue birds in residence.  He was excited and took pictures to share with my mother at the assisted living home.  She could hardly believe that her bird house was finally being used after 6 years of hope.  Here are his shots.
You can tell that he has found a feeding source.  He can have the worms on my lettuce too.  lol


chitra said…
Felt happy seeing the bird house. There were sparrow nests in my house. urbanization has driven them away:(
Hooray! Having a bird choose to live in our yard is such a wonderful affirmation!