Celebrating The Hero's Birthday

Before my sweetheart died, he gave me the best gift I could ever have asked for.  It has taken three years to really accomplish it, but I am really working in the raised garden he insisted on having built for me before he died.
He had the joy of planting it the spring before he died.  Last year, I planted some, but really wasn't home enough to work it correctly.  I reaped that benefit, I am fighting fire ants like crazy.  Once again, I digress.

This spring I have planned my plants, and where to plant them.  I decided to plant strawberries in one corner and blueberries in the far end. I ordered 25 strawberries from Stark Bros. and they arrived yesterday.  Today, I planted the strawberries in the garden.
I was happy as I finished.  I feel I am saying thank you to him for his effort to make something that would help me for years to come.  I am grateful that he loved me enough to have done this.  I just wish he were here to play with me in the garden too.  Well, I planted one of his shoes with Thyme for a giggle in the garden.  He would have had fun with it.  "Running out of Thyme?"

This is my entrance, you notice there is a hanging pot of strawberries.  I have my flag.  The garden is in its infant stage, but I have great hopes for it.  My beans have come up, I have planted 5 different kinds to see which gives the best yield.  I have 4 bush  one package was from Renee's Garden .  They are called Tricolor Slenderette Beans.  The other is a Blue Lake Bush bean, and a pole bean called Scarlet Runner.  They are up and appear to be flourishing.  My Holy Basil has peeped up over the edge of the soil, but that is for a different post.

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bettyl said…
What a wonderful legacy to leave for you. So sorry he's not around to share it and see the smile it brings.
Eva Gallant said…
Wow...a lot of work, but wonderful!
A rootdigger said…
I love the idea of cement blocks rather than wood. Easir for somone to do with out hammer skills.. It looks really nice. Do you have to do anything special with your blue berry plants?
hummer said…
The blueberries need acid soil, so I add pine needles aka pine straw mulch. Works just fine.
Thanks everyone for the comments. It was a challenging, but ended satisfying day.
chitra said…
That's a wonderful gift from your hubby. Nice to see you are enjoying your gardening. Bring us some photos when they are ready.
JOE TODD said…
Great post and it is going to be a great year for berries at least my view from Ohio
What a wonderful living gift he left for you. I'm impressed with all that you are planting, and I hope you'll show us the blueberries as they develop.
alright, crap! I do need to get out there to work and have fun with you. Jeesh! I'll have to do it here in June. Can't see when before that, but as soon as the boys are gone to their Dad's I'm all over it!
Wendy said…
Aww, what a wonderful man he was. Thank you for sharing your story of your dear hubby on my blog.
I'm glad you are working the garden your sweetie started for you.