CTR Ring and Sealing Anniversary

In our church, this ring is usually worn by the youth as a Choose The Right ring to remind them of choices they make affect the rest of their life. The Counselor to the Prophet of our church gave the thought to the members that it would be good for the older set to wear it as a reminder for "Current Temple Recommend". I wear it for a dual reminder, to remember the choices I make affect me eternally and thus my reuniting with the Hero when I leave this life. I also wear it to remind me to keep my temple recommend current. I wear this instead of a wedding ring.Today is the 33rd anniversary of our going to the Mesa Temple to be sealed.


chitra said…
A nice tradition. A good way to focus on objectives.
A rootdigger said…
I like that idea. If I were not workiing where I was not to wear rings, I would do that. Just a little reminder. I do have a worry stone.