May 4th is Mom's Birthday

May 4 is my son and Mother and her Twin's birthday.  When my son was born, my mom was so excited that she had a birthday baby.  He has always been kind to her as a grandson.  She was disappointed when he could not make it to celebrate with her this year.
To make it special, we met with her sister, a friend of hers and myself, a granddaughter and four great grandchildren at IHOP, a pancake house.  She and her sister turned 82.  They are the last of their family of 13 children that are living.
(My  mom is in an assisted living facility because she has dementia.  Her sister still lives at home and goes out to play bridge regularly and sometime participates in local community theaters.  She was very upset by my mom's dementia. )
When we arrived at the restaurant, I asked if they had cup cakes for the two.. They said no, but they did have an ice cream dish with a cherry on top that they did with song.  LOL,  I said okay.
Then I realized I had forgotten my camera.  My daughter was able to take some shots with her camera, but she missed the expression on their face when the ice cream and staff in song came to the table to serenade them.  They were so happy and pleased.

 It was worth every minute of the 3 hour drive we had to make. Grandchildren and the Birthday girls had a ball.  Life is good.


Even when they may not remember it afterwards, an event like that makes them so happy, and I think it puts some good endorphins into the bloodstream (or whatever, I may be misstating my biochemistry). Glad you all had a good time. Must contact my dad!
It looks like a good time was had by all. Happy Birthday to everyone!!

Eva Gallant said…
Happy birthday to all!
chitra said…
Convey my best wishes to them!!
Wendy said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful time! God bless your dear mother. So nice to still have her to celebrate with.
hummer said…
Thank you my friends for your sweet comments. It is a blessing for her to still be here to enjoy.