New Meme for Sharing Memories

Every Sunday, I share a story about my hero on my Family History Blog. 
My daughter on Haven just shared that she has started a sharing a slice of life meme.  She is hoping for a great response from others to begin taking the time to write memories before they are gone.  This is from her website.  If you click the  link at the bottom it will take you to her blog.  Hope to see you there!  
Hello, and welcome to the rules for sharing a slice of life meme! To participate is easy!

Why do Sharing a Slice of Life?

1) We all know we need to write our stories for posterity. Rare is the individual who can sit and write it all out in chronological order, but we can all remember a slice at a time.

2) By joining a meme, you might find yourself remembering and writing about things you wouldn't have thought of!

3) Support and fun! It's interesting to see how many different angles can be written on the same subject matter. It's also easier to stay committed when you have others cheering you on for your efforts.

4) Working on family history is a great Sunday activity!


Every Sunday I'll have a new prompt for you at Haven. Go to your blog and post something on that subject - whether it's a story, a poem, a description, a photo.... whatever you want, as long as it's out of YOUR life (or an ancestor's is fine) that has to do with the subject matter. Be sure to link back so others can find us and join in the fun.


Texasblu said…
Thank you Mom! xoxo
chitra said…
I am interested in this. This looks interesting. But I am going on a vacation for few days. I hope it would be a great experience.
Eva Gallant said…
sounds like fun!
hummer said…
Thank you Eva and Chitra. It will be on going every Sunday and she hope to have a lot participate. I have put a button on my side board.
A rootdigger said…
I c ouldn't find the link???