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The Great Desire and Coping with the Past

I had fun last night with the son. We went zero turn lawn mower shopping, and came home with the coveted mower. He studied them well before he actually bought it. Tonight I came home to find him cleaning it after having mowed the center of the drive...for those of you who don't know we have a field of growing palms in the center of our circular drive. I will post a picture tomorrow. He is so excited. He is concerned about being next to a high school at work with the flu talk. Just told him more garlic.

Hope to go to bed have been trying to recover a computer for the office but can't figure out the password and no hero to help....sigh...

Sister Perry and I had a sobby moment today remembering our hubbies. A tear every now and again, helps to cleanse the what if's.

Night - Jicjac Lawn Mower clip art- public domain royalty free clip art

Two Nights in a Row....Mercy

I think his hair is this short again. But I think I don't know for sure because he won't take his hat off....anywhere. Now the Bishop said he looked good on Sunday, (he went earlier than I did) so it is probably short and I know he didn't have a hat on or Bro. Bjorn would have said...something.

Whatever, this time parked himself on the sofa and began talking about the singles ward, the youth from his day, the work guys, and here it is 10:42pm and he just went home.

I keep praying for his heart to soften towards his brother and sisters for whatever challenges he perceives is there. They are all rooting for him.
Sometimes it is just hard to expand our focus.

Work was good today. Later in the day it was really stormy, but I got to see a full rainbow. All the colors and the full bow were there. Really awesome. I love rainbows.

Off to bed to try and actually have a complete nights sleep. I will conquer this issue of waking during the night.

Love to all

Too Funny

Got home and the strong silent younger son talked all evening. The next morning though it was like okay, " I had my conversation with a person, (living in the country it is usually with the dogs when you are alone.) now I'm done...don't talk to me."
Then last night, there he was at 11pm sitting on the end of my bed discussing lawn mowers and cleaning dirty carburetors. All of a sudden he sits up and says what am I doing? I need to be sleeping, I just smiled and watched him head out the door.
Funny boy. Love him.

So Far So Good

This is so Lil' Red tonight. He was such a sock monkey. Climbed every where. But GrandmomE and the rocking chair are lethal. Bed time was on time. His mommy is doing well tonight. The doctor said there were not any problems with doing the surgery. We of course have to wait for tissue cultures, prayers everyone, but other than that she looks great and should mend well. I am thankful. The bigger boys were wonderful helps and even cleaned the table and rinsed the dishes. Yes, I am thankful tonight. I will be able to sleep, even on the couch, tonight.

Worrisome Time

Yesterday my 'Little Miss Sunshine' went to the doctor to have an ultrasound done for her pregnancy only to find the egg sac is gone. The second opinion doctor said it is most likely a molar pregnancy. She is at the hospital having a D & C done right now. I am watching the boys. My prayers are for her. She so wants a little girl, understandable after 3 boys. I am working hard to stay on a positive plane, but I have to admit that this is challenging to face. Only my faith holds me up. The hope and prayer is that it has been caught early. Thank goodness for her impatience to be told she was indeed pregnant.

I Went to a Tea Party, Not Your Regular Garden Variety

I went to a Tea Party today, because my sweet Hero was always for truth and that which was right. He put forth to the family many years ago that we were going to have to study the constitution, and teach others the truth. He was for correct principles and he taught me too. He so would have been at the Tea Party today too. I am thankful for the man he was and what principles he thought to teach our family.

The Tea Party in Houston North aka The Woodlands, was rowdy with noise and peaceful in action. There were parading of signs, speeches, and complete friendly exchange of ideas and like mindedness.
The police were able to stand and quietly visit together without need of "crowd control".
It is all good.

"It is all about our God, our liberty, our right to religion, our peace, and our families' future, right of speech for all, and ability to pursue happiness."

Hmmm that sounds like a Title of Liberty from many many years ago. The Captain Moroni stood up for his …

What Excitement!

This is Ned and my's wedding day. Little did I know at that time what and adventure was ahead of me. Through the years I have done family history work for his family and mine. It has been a true marriage in that his people are my people.
Yesterday the descendant of Ned's great great grandmother emailed and she has much information on Patrict O'Brien! Kids this is wonderful...The hero must be working on the otherside to help his family to keep on growing.
I am excited.
Have a great day!