So Far So Good

This is so Lil' Red tonight. He was such a sock monkey. Climbed every where. But GrandmomE and the rocking chair are lethal. Bed time was on time.
His mommy is doing well tonight. The doctor said there were not any problems with doing the surgery. We of course have to wait for tissue cultures, prayers everyone, but other than that she looks great and should mend well.
I am thankful.
The bigger boys were wonderful helps and even cleaned the table and rinsed the dishes.
Yes, I am thankful tonight. I will be able to sleep, even on the couch, tonight.


Venus said…
lol - I had to click on the pic for a closer look because I thought she had dyed her hair purple - I couldn't tell it was a hat!
skinny minny said…
I am glad all went well. my love to both of you.
mE said…
I'm grateful. I read up on molar pregnancies (you know me the reseachest... got to know everything) My prayers are with her too.