Two Nights in a Row....Mercy

I think his hair is this short again. But I think I don't know for sure because he won't take his hat off....anywhere. Now the Bishop said he looked good on Sunday, (he went earlier than I did) so it is probably short and I know he didn't have a hat on or Bro. Bjorn would have said...something.

Whatever, this time parked himself on the sofa and began talking about the singles ward, the youth from his day, the work guys, and here it is 10:42pm and he just went home.

I keep praying for his heart to soften towards his brother and sisters for whatever challenges he perceives is there. They are all rooting for him.
Sometimes it is just hard to expand our focus.

Work was good today. Later in the day it was really stormy, but I got to see a full rainbow. All the colors and the full bow were there. Really awesome. I love rainbows.

Off to bed to try and actually have a complete nights sleep. I will conquer this issue of waking during the night.

Love to all


texasblu said…
I'm jealous. We hardly ever get to see rainbows. :P

Who's he mad at?
He is mad at me. Dosn't look like he wants to get over it.