I Went to a Tea Party, Not Your Regular Garden Variety

I went to a Tea Party today, because my sweet Hero was always for truth and that which was right. He put forth to the family many years ago that we were going to have to study the constitution, and teach others the truth. He was for correct principles and he taught me too. He so would have been at the Tea Party today too. I am thankful for the man he was and what principles he thought to teach our family.

The Tea Party in Houston North aka The Woodlands, was rowdy with noise and peaceful in action. There were parading of signs, speeches, and complete friendly exchange of ideas and like mindedness.
The police were able to stand and quietly visit together without need of "crowd control".
It is all good.

"It is all about our God, our liberty, our right to religion, our peace, and our families' future, right of speech for all, and ability to pursue happiness."

Hmmm that sounds like a Title of Liberty from many many years ago. The Captain Moroni stood up for his country and didn't back down. I think we are at the stage now. Where is our Captain Moroni.


texasblu said…
They got a blip of coverage here. How was the coverage in your area in the news?
hummer said…
Only on our talk shows...and Fox since CNN slammed them and the tea parties...