The Great Desire and Coping with the Past

I had fun last night with the son. We went zero turn lawn mower shopping, and came home with the coveted mower. He studied them well before he actually bought it. Tonight I came home to find him cleaning it after having mowed the center of the drive...for those of you who don't know we have a field of growing palms in the center of our circular drive. I will post a picture tomorrow. He is so excited. He is concerned about being next to a high school at work with the flu talk. Just told him more garlic.

Hope to go to bed have been trying to recover a computer for the office but can't figure out the password and no hero to help....sigh...

Sister Perry and I had a sobby moment today remembering our hubbies. A tear every now and again, helps to cleanse the what if's.

Night - Jicjac Lawn Mower clip art- public domain royalty free clip art


hummer said…
Thank you my doll.
It was a hard day today...
Harder than I thought it would be.