Worrisome Time

Yesterday my 'Little Miss Sunshine' went to the doctor to have an ultrasound done for her pregnancy only to find the egg sac is gone. The second opinion doctor said it is most likely a molar pregnancy. She is at the hospital having a D & C done right now. I am watching the boys. My prayers are for her. She so wants a little girl, understandable after 3 boys. I am working hard to stay on a positive plane, but I have to admit that this is challenging to face. Only my faith holds me up. The hope and prayer is that it has been caught early. Thank goodness for her impatience to be told she was indeed pregnant.


texasblu said…
Is that where the baby is in the tubes?
hummer said…
No that is where there is not a true pregnancy just abnormal development of tissue. Look it up on the net. I was not even aware of this.