My Daughter The Writer

My Daughter is a beginning writer, she has started her own writer's blog and invites others to visit it, make comments and assist her as she grows.  Click here to go to her blog I am really proud of my girl. She is really growing in the world of writing.  I just sit back and smile watching her grow. Actually all of the girls are writing. This one is the one leading the way. I am posting a button on the side bar Living in the Write World so you can visit her anytime.  She is trying to build traffic as told to her by her mentor. Thanks for coming by.


Good Morning Hummer Sweetie...
I have so missed blogging. I am trying to get up and atem again, and go visit as many blogs as I can each day.

I am going to stop over and say hi to your sweet daughter. I can't wait to read her writings. I love to read. The photo is precious.

I am still on lockdown from the doc. I go back July 9th. I am trying to follow all the rules, I do not want another 8 day stay in the hospital. One time is enough for me. I am still very hoarse and not alot of voice comes out. They are sending me to the ear, nose and throat specialist so that he can check out my larynx. That ought to be fun I am sure. This has been the longest 9 weeks of my life. I am so ready to be normal again, and be allowed outdoors.

I love your pics below that you have shared. It allows me to see some outdoor garden sweetness. Thank you sweet friend for sharing.

I will stop by again soon.

Country hugs and much love, Sherry
Eva Gallant said…
How proud you must be!
Wendy said…
Oh, you have one talented daughter! I too love the pic. I did pop over to her blog. The trees in her header are so peaceful and calm and remind me of "growing", as in growing a career or blog or whatever.

Good luck to her. You must be so proud!