Memorial Day Weekend 2010

 My weekend started off with taking first my mother-in-law to my father-in-law's grave with my second daughter, her children, and the toddlers. 

The next day, my youngest daughter, her children (the toddlers) and I took my mother to my father's grave and the Hero's grave.  I visited with all my children in person or by phone, and had time to work in my garden some.  
We were glad to have the time to teach the toddlers respect for the dead and for their living elderly.  
It was good to spend time with the two ladies that played a great deal of influence in my life.


Good for you...a very nice multi-generational Memorial Day. Respect for the elders and good lessons for the young 'uns. AND you got to work in your garden.
chitra said…
That was a good gesture taking your g.chidren to the grave to pay respects.If elders do not guide little children would not even know.