Garden Report June 19

You know how it is.

  You start out with seeds or small seedlings, and pray and hope, and sweat until all at once the whole kit and kaboole seems to have come ripe at the same time.  Sigh.  I am in that category right now.  While I was at the Lavender Festival and picking peaches, the son was watering the garden, but not picking. I went out last night and here is my basket.

 So not only do I have peaches to can, I now have to make zucchini bread for freezing and tomatoes to can.  The daughter made steamed green beans tonight.  They were tasty.  Here are pictures of where the garden is now.  I will make blogs later on the peaches and bread. ;-)

  (The seedling in the hands is from Glitter Graphics)


Eva Gallant said…
Love, love tomatoes fresh from the garden!
chitra said…
waiting to see peaches. Tomatoes are healthy