Who Says That Functional Isn't Beautiful

Look at my beautiful bean blossoms,

My Cinnamon Basil next to the Red Sage, take note of the small tomato in the background.  
It is so pleasing to sit and enjoy the natural beauty in my garden

The berries were breath taking in the amount they bore this year.  Plenty for us and for the birds.  My fine feathered friends are singing their hearts out in my mini Texas Rain Forest. 

Working for balance here.


bettyl said…
Wow! Looks like a very healthy garden! I'm sure you are enjoying it all. Enjoy a bit for me, as we are in the midst of nasty winter. :-)
Arti said…
Your garden looks really beautiful and very well maintained..
It was as pleasing for me too to enjoy the wonderful pics and beauty of your garden!!
chitra said…
Your garden is areal beauty. iknow how much has gone into it. Basil looks really healthier than the kind I am having.
chitra said…
Your garden is a real beauty. I think the Basil plant looks much fresher and better than mine. I know lot of work has gone into nurturing.
chitra said…
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A rootdigger said…
Good for you and good for the birds. they planted mine at some point and I also had some, and it has spread. but they are dinky Now I need to maintain mine as nicely as yours. Any suggestions.
And thanks for the suggestions at my blog. hugs back.
hummer said…
Rootdigger, Blackberries are sensitive to wet soils. Therefore, drainage is an important factor, as they like to be watered when producing fruit. Blackberry plants require about 1 inch of water per week from mid-June through harvest. When rainfall doesn't provide this amount, you should irrigate. Extremely warm and windy conditions make greater amounts of water necessary. 10-20-20 fertilizer or Organic manure in the late fall or early winter. If plants lack vigor, apply an additional 1 to 1 1/2 lb of ammonium nitrate (33% nitrogen) per 100 feet of row at bloom.

Oregon U puts out great info on growning berries.