My Special Dress And A Dream Prom

As I was reading through some of the best posts of the week, I came across injaynesworld post with the premise that everyone should have that one special dress.  She finished her post with "what was your special dress?"  I thought about it and had an ah ha moment.  This was a story for my granddaughters and grandson's.

My special dress was my Junior Prom dress.  Interestingly, I had just been talking with my granddaughter about prom dresses.  I told her that every girl should have a special store bought dress for her first prom.  There is something about having that dress that makes you feel fine.  You know from the moment you put it on that you and the dress are one and it brings out every good point in you.

As we were nearing our Junior/Senior Prom.  The Juniors always planned and implemented the prom for the Seniors.  I worked on the committees  and engaged in the "girl talk" about who was going with who.  As the date began to near, I could see the young man (the one who attended my 16th birthday party) was not going to ask me, as a matter of fact no one had asked me. 

At first, I was sad and feeling blue, then some friends said "we don't have a date either, why don't we all go together?"  My response was "why not".  That threw my mom into a tizzy.  We had to go shopping.  I had to make an appointment for my hair.  My dad was like, "Well no boy asked my girl out...they'll be sorry." (You know how dad's are.)  There were only a few dress shops in town, so it was not hard to visit them and narrow down to the dress that was my heart's desire.  I must digress here. I always felt out of step with my time.  I was enamored by the clothing of the civil war (you know where I am going).  I loved hoop skirts.  This was not the dress of 1964. I found the only hoop skirt dress in town.  I put it on and oh my, I felt like I had stepped into another era and was Miss Scarlet.  Well, it wasn't that big of a skirt, but it did swish and sway.  The color was perfect for me and my dad loved it.  He took me to have my picture made after I had my hair done.  I was allowed to drive myself to the dance. 

When I arrived, I was the center of attraction, some good, some not. No one else had a full skirt.  I did not care, I was having fun.  I was living the life of Maria in West Side Story, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel witty and pretty...and I pity any girl who isn't me today..."

A little after we arrived, in came my "crush".  He was dateless, because his date had stood him up.  I should have been glad, but I felt sorry for him.  He joined our group.  The only way I can describe his walking up to me and asking me to dance was the song "Lady in Red".   He loved the way the dress swayed and would swirl me around.  I never sat one dance out. It was like a dream, every minute was perfect.  The dress and I were one.   I felt beautiful.  The whole evening was permanently imprinted in my feelings and in my memory. 


chitra said…
I really appreciate your memory and you look (ed) beautiful in that dress. Sure that evening became memorable for you.
Lori E said…
It took courage for a young girl to go. Good for you.
Me? I would have tripped him but like you said you got to dance all night.
Anonymous said…
I hope your granddaughter has an equally wonderful night.
Texasblu said…
We were having trouble finding the right fabric to make her jacket out of. Then her dad came in and said, "What about this?" - turned out to be a sparkly see through fabric that when backed by white fabric was the perfect shade to match the dress.

Her dad is doing the best he can - I was upset he took her to try on dresses instead of me. Should always be the mom that gets to go. :P
Good for you! We didn't have the option to go unescorted and I probably wouldn't have had the nerve anyway. But then to have such a fabulous dress AND dance with the guy all evening...that would have to be one of your greatest evenings ever!
babyface1217 said…
Sometimes I wish there was a "Like" button on here ya know? lol! That dress looks really pretty on you!