This is Some Fun and A Happy Valentines Day

Chitra at My was kind enough to award me a Sweet Award.  She is really the one who deserves it.  I love her blog.  She takes trips and shares the sights of her country and insights into her religion.  She is a lovely lady, and I thank her.

There are 3 rules, one is acknowledging the blogger who passed it on which I have done.  The second is to share ten things that makes me happy, and the third is to pass it on to 10 bloggers.

Here are my 10 things that make me happy.
1. My faith in Christ
2. My family (focus is on my six children and 14 (& one on the way) grandchildren
3. Listening to the sounds of nature sitting on my back porch on the farm
4. The delightful sound of children's laughter
5. Finding my ancestors and helping others do the same
6. Gardening, flowers or veggies.
7. Sharing with others
8. Giving Hugs
9. Finishing a sewing project that turns out well.  LOL
10.Making a meal that others enjoy.

I have received this award on my genealogy blog so I am running short on names, but if I duplicate it is because I love you.  Some may chose to not accept because of the nature of their blogs, but I would like to show appreciation for them and their influence in making my blogging time a happy one.
1. Lisa at A Light That Shines Again  her knowledge of Irish research has given me a resurgence of hope.
2. Alana at A Twig in My Tree  She has such interesting stuff and keeps me really thinking.
3. Sara at Art by Sara Soules  I love her art  work and I feel happy looking at her work.
4. 'Blondie' at Blondie'sJournal   I feel uplifted by her beautiful pictures and arrangements.
5. Brenda at BryAntics  She has the most creative poems and rhymes.
6. Wendy at Changes with Seasons Her pictures and insights are beautiful
7. Sherry at Country Wings in Phoenix If you want to be awed and hear uplifting as well as funny thoughts she has it
8. Carrie at Ginger-Lemon Girl marvelous gluten free recipes and a boon to my recently diagnosed daughters
9.  Deb at Life on the Funny Farm Her down to earth stories are great.
10. Christina at Blessings Realized A happy young lady.
You never know how you are touching others.  Bless you all.


Hi Sweetie...
Happy Valentine's Day. I am so tickled to have popped over here and read your list. Of the 10 things that make you happy, my 10 would be almost identical. I love it.

I cannot thank you enough for listing me on your blog list. I am so thrilled coming from you, as I consider your blog way high on the list. I am an award free blog, but I thank you so much for honoring me. It is truly an honor and I am so humbled. Thank you my precious friend.

Happy Valentine's Day and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a precious friend to me. I cherish you. Country hugs and so much love...Sherry
chitra said…
You are so simple ,kind and good at heart that is why you are able to appreciate people. All the best to you and to your family.
Lori E said…
Congratulations. It is always nice to get a pat on the back.
Thank you so much for the award. I love it!!! I enjoy your blog so much, I wish I had an award to pass on to you!! I will be posting about the award and the rules the next time I do a post.

Thanks again, my sweet friend! :-)

Lisa said…
Thanks for the special mention and for sharing your list of favorite things. I can relate. :)

I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed reading my Irish family history. The lives of so many of our Irish forebears are so inspiring.

Happy Valentine's Day!

100 Years in America
Small-leaved Shamrock
A light that shines again
Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture
Sara Soules said…
Thank you for your kind are a sweetie! You are a blessing to all who stop by to see your brightens the day!
Hope you are well and staying warm. We are very chilly here and not venturing too far away from the roaring fireplace.

Best wishes...Sara
Wendy said…
How nice! Thank you for this sweet blog award. You've made my day! I think my 10 favourite things would be quite like yours as well.
Hugs and hugs.
Have a wonderful week.