Sharing Memories (Week 13): Junior High Grades 7-8

When we left elementary school, in Edmond, OK., we "graduated" to Junior High School. It was somewhat traumatic in that the close-nit group of kids I had gone all the way through elementary with were joined by 3 other schools.  Interestingly it really didn't matter because I was involved in a church group and we tended to do things together at school also.  Most of all,  I loved the movement of Junior High School.  It was a mini High School, we changed classes, had lockers, and could leave if we wanted between 3 period and 4th for lunch. The High School mascot was the Bulldogs and that was true for the JR High also.  We even had school colors the same, gray and maroon. 
Did I say that choosing the courses I wanted to take,and  freedom were several reasons I loved this age.  I could not tell you who my instructors were, but they were okay. I did well in my classes.  Not all A's, but then not all C's.  I have some of my report cards in a box somewhere.
It was in Junior High School that I began my love affair with music.  I chose band as an elective and began to play the french horn. We even learned to march and would occasionally join the HS for a football half time.  We would march in the homecoming parade.  I don't think the parades even exist any longer,

I loved the melodious sounds of the french horn and most of all, I loved the harmonious sounds of all the instruments playing together.  I was an okay player, but just one of the group, not what you would call out standing.  
I also learned about drama.  I had always loved the programs we had in elementary, but they were never anything other than singing in a group or standing in place.  In drama class, we learned to act.  It was so much fun. We performed for the school.   I remember there was one play in which I played one of three witches.  Someone forgot their lines, and I had to ad lib until they were prompted for their lines.
I was on the pep squad, we had a football and basketball team.  I never played sports myself, but enjoyed rooting for the team.
My best friend and I went to church together, were on the pep squad together and hung out at each other's homes. We were friends until we graduated from High School.  Then she married and I went away to school.
Now we try to keep in touch via the internet.
This was just before I 'graduated' to High School.  Don't you love the hair. 

Kiddo's, I look at your schools now in contrast to my school then and I will tell you, we were in an age of innocence compared to yours.   I loved the ability to walk home from school, it was only 2 miles.  I loved walking to my aunts house where she made me lunch, then walking back to school for the afternoon classes.    Girls were modest, the boys were dressed in shirts and jeans, no t-shirts back then.  But most of all, there was modest language and actions, with respect to authority.  I will tell you when I saw the changes begin,  I was in High School.  I am sorry I can not seem to find any of my Junior High pictures, if I find them I will post them for you.
Do you agree that things have changed?


chitra said…
I definitely agree things have changed over the years. Children have started maturing faster, Make their own decisions, values have also changed. I think we were much innocent compared to the present generation.
A nice post hummer, You remember all details well.
Eva Gallant said…
I agree! Things have changed in a huge way! I feel sad for todays kids because the don't have the same type of childhood we have. They are pressured by society and their peers to grow up too fast!
babyface1217 said…
Na... Nothing much really... I mean we only have "F" bombs dropped every 30 seconds... Not to mention other words! (I'm not kidding. I went to a basketball game at the highschool for mutual the other night and in 30 seconds this one kid said the "f" word 3 times as well as 2 more very unkind words 4 or so times.) We have the girls wearing waaay too revealing outfits, and the guys are wearing skinny jeans (That's way too much to see dude!), or baggy pants so we can see their amazingly cool boxer shorts!! Na, things haven't changed too much...
LadyFi said…
Great hair dos! I must agree - life back then was a lot more innocent. Probably because information wasn't instantly available as it is today.
bettyl said…
I can certainly relate to the music. I love music and am demanding that the kids take at least one term of music, just to learn the basics.

And, thanks for identifying the flowers on my blog!