What Do You Do While Waiting On a Baby to Come

If you are like the toddler or the next to the oldest, you might crawl up in bed turn on a preschool show and wait.  Of course, you may fall asleep.

If you are the oldest, and trying to meet a class activity dead line.  You might stay up and make a Blueberry Cheesecake to take to school the next day.  Of course, your grandmom will have to stay up with you...; )

Yes! We sampled the blueberry topping.  MMM Good.

Can you tell that by 12:30am we were getting tired?
With five hours of sleep, the grandson was ready to take his finished product to school.
We gave up at 1am and went on to bed to be awakened at 4:45am with the news.
That is for the next post.


Eva Gallant said…
That cheesecake looks scrumptious!
chitra said…
cool, that cake looks yummy and the hard work shows.